We need to find cause to celebrate. And we need to do this frequently. If we can’t create our own celebration, we can always find one! Amy encourages us to do just that with her challenge this week.

I’ve chosen three festivals I’ve visited during the past years. I visited the Nevada County Fair in Summer, Nevada County Fairgrounds, Grass Valley, 2019. It’s a small fair, but large enough for a photographer to have fun.

In December of the same year, we went to experience the Nevada City Victorian Christmas where vendors sold crafts, musicians played and attendees dressed in costume.

In 2020, there wasn’t much happening but we did find a celebration at the Asian New Year Festival in Isleton in February, just before lockdown.

Lions were dancing. Here we can see two dancers getting into their costume and dancing.

Let’s end the fun with a Taiko drumming demonstration.

Thank you Amy for helping us celebrate down memory lane with your wonderful challenge. Seeing pictures from these outings made me smile!

25 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #177: Celebrating

  1. Wow… I feel the joy and excitement through your fun and colorful photos! Love the lion dancing especially. We watched the drumming show just a week ago at our local Japanese garden.

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  2. I like festivals for which people dress up; you got some lovely costumes from Nevada City. The New Year’s dragon is having a lot of fun, clearly. Great photos from there. As for the drummers, I hope you had earmuffs when you went in close for the photos.

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