In this weeks challenge, Tina asks us to choose our own topic. For most people that might be easy, but for me, it’s a bigger challenge. You see, I just can’t make up my mind. After thinking and thinking, I decided to focus on the 365 Challenge.

After 2 years, I knew I needed something to help me along with my photography hobby. I’d heard about the 365 where you shoot a photograph each day for the year. It was the best decision for my taking control of my camera and photo habits.

Here are 2 photos from week one of 2015.

If I were to take the same images now, I would process the sunset shadows better and not put the rose in the middle of the frame. Moving on to week 15, family and pets were a favorite subject. My dog now leaves the room when he sees a camera!

Week 22, getting better with floral composition and macro.

Week 42, I visited Dry Creek near my house often and I finally got a decent one of Gem. Now I know how to lighten up his face a bit.

Week 52, I think this is how I developed my love for macro. On the last day, I had an image in mind. Through the year, I learned how to time things for the optimum light and was on my way to photograph a fence with the sun casting a deep shadow. However, I got a flat tire on the way, and here’s my closing shot for the year–not planned, but well executed!

Doing the 365 helped my photographic abilities and my focus on the hobby. Now I need to go out at least once a week with my camera. If you haven’t tried the practice, take the plunge. You can also do the 52 challenge where you obligate yourself to one picture a week. Most of all, have fun doing it.

26 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #178: You Choose

  1. I’ve often read about those challenges Anne but just don’t have the commitment – woe is me!! Good for you – challenge(s) both met; both L-A and the 365. Your photography is wonderful and I love that you made the most of your flat tire!

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  2. Hi, Anne. I think you made a great choice for the challenge. I’ve thought about doing a 365, but…. You really learned a lot from the discipline of taking a shot a day. Wonderful. I especially love your header image and your dog (of course!).

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  3. That 365 challenge is quite a commitment. Congratulations on completing the challenge.
    I like your image of the rose, but I know what you mean about rethinking processing options from older images. In addition to the added experience since the first process, there are probably newer tools in your kit for bringing out more or different details in any image.


    1. Thanks John! I’m finding there are always new tools we can use. Have you tried Topaz Sharpener and Denoise? We went across the country in 2013. After looking at the pictures, I told my husband that we needed to do it again because I’m taking better pictures. He didn’t buy into it!

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        1. When I bought my Fujifilm camera, it came with Luminar. I liked the program, but it kept wanting me to buy it when I already had a license. After going around with their tech support many times and their wanting me to reconfigure Windows, I gave up. The program is great, but their tech support isn’t. The same thing happened to my friend. No problems with Topaz.


  4. I know just what you mean about looking back at photos taken previously and realising you could do better now! I’ve thought about doing the 365 but it always seems to big a commitment. However I’ve done shorter versions on Facebook in the past and it is great discipline, I agree.

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  5. Nice selection of photos, Anne! I’ve been thinking about doing another 52 week challenge next year, maybe not a weekly pre-determined them, like the last one I did, but one I create for myself. We’ll see….cheers for a Happy New Year!


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