Amy wants us to walk. I don’t have a choice! I walk 1 1/2 to 2 miles each morning–unless the weather doesn’t permit. I do this to keep Gem, my dog, happy. He leads the way, has his various routes around the community, knows the other dogs and knows the humans who have the treats! We have a small lake and there’s always something going on with the geese and ducks. Too bad I don’t bring my camera with me. This is his joy and my exercise. Okay, I enjoy it too. It helped me feel less alone during lockdown.

My joy, is walking with my camera. My photo group goes out once a week, and sometimes to our favorite places where we can walk, talk and take photographs. One of my favorites is the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. It’s on the American River and supports a great deal of wildlife. Here’s a few photos taken during a 2019 walk.

We also like to walk the Sacramento Zoo. The animals sometimes put on a show for us. Here again is a 2019 visit.

And how about the Sacramento Historical City Cemetery! We go there about once a year. It’s so peaceful to walk about, there is so much history to be found. One year they were going to take away the flowers, saying they weren’t there when the cemetery was first started, and they wanted to keep the cemetery original. Everyone protested and we won.

I’ll close with an image from an outing to the Folsom Farmers’ Market that moved me–our flag in glory.

So, how do I feel about these photo outings? I enjoy them and look forward to them as much as Gem does his morning walks. It’s good exercise and a good time with dear friends.

35 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #163: Keep walking

  1. Beautifully done Anne! I agree photography walks with friends make the whole experience so much more fun and rewarding. And we learn from each other along the way. All of your images are wonderful this week but I was especially impressed with your zoo images. You’ve really mastered the difficult art of taking bars and fences out of the shot to make the animals look like they are in their natural environments. Kudos on that! (and PS. who the HECK would want to remove the flowers from a cemetery?! I hope they’re no longer in charge!)


    1. Thanks Tina! Being self-taught, I remember my first experience when the cage disappeared from the lion enclosure. Magic?? I then realized that at 200 mm and a certain distance from the cage, the lens would bypass the enclosure and focus on the animal. In 2019 the lions were behind bars. Now they have glass enclosures and it’s a lot easier except for children’s hand prints!!

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  2. What an enjoyable walk through your beautiful photos, Anne! I love the captures in the zoo, lovely creatures. The Effie Yeaw Nature Center walk and those flowers are wonderful. Thank you for the walk.


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