I look down more than up. But, after reading Sofia’s challenge, I think I may be looking up a bit more! She is encouraging us to post images where we’ve looked both ways and post our discoveries.

While I may not have my neck cranked up, Richard, my husband, does. Okay, he has his telescope pointed at the skies. He’s an astronomer/imager and has captured some beautiful galaxies and nebulas with his telescope, camera and computer. So for my looking up portion I’m posting a few of his pictures. Here are some nebulas and galaxies.

Now, my turn. Here are some images taken while looking down.

Looking down a mountain from Foresthill and looking at the American River from a bridge at William B Pond.

Next, a lotus leaf photographed at William Land Park and a lotus flower from a garden in Locke.

I’ll close with something you need to get low to photograph and even lower if you want to get underneath them. Mushrooms taken in my community.

So what have I discovered? I need to look both ways to capture more wonders. Thanks Sofia!

27 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #164: Looking Up/Down

  1. Anne and Richard, you have perfectly captured this challenge. The infinity of space and then the smallest of things in such wonderful photos. Thank you so much for taking part!


  2. Oh my Anne – sorry but your husband’s efforts have eclipsed us all!! How amazing! Does he attach a camera to his telescope? I tried that once but used it to shoot a hawk’s eye in the tree next to our 3rd floor. Amazing! But the galaxies, oh my!!! (Did love your work as well of course but I’m a sucker for the stars!)


    1. Thanks Tina! I thought this challenge was perfect for showing off his work. Yes, his camera is attached to a large telescope and sent to the computer screen. It’s complicated from there. One image can take all night. Oh, and then there’s the processing. It’s too bad his scope doesn’t look down, he could have taken the entire challenge!!


  3. I love how you’ve combined your photos with your husband’s to show how you look in different directions, at least when it comes to photography! Richard’s astronomy photos are impressive and I loved your waterlily and your mushroom shots πŸ™‚


  4. Fantastic pictures of the night sky! Kudos to your husband. And lovely landscape shots. Well done, you, for being able to get down low enough to photograph the underside of mushrooms. It would probably take me an hour to get back up again, if at all!


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