I don’t have many regrets, but one is when I had the opportunity to hang glide tandem and said “no.” If given the same opportunity today, I’d gladly accept. I did have the opportunity to take flight in a small plane and took it. What a feeling! Thank you Wright Brothers!

And thank you Tina for giving us this challenge. At first I thought of nature’s fliers–birds. Then I thought of our own history of flight, and what better way to understand that then a museum dedicated to soaring the skies and space. In North Highlands we have the Aerospace Museum of California. Inside the museum, there are small planes, engines and replicas of fighter jets. Part of the large interior is dedicated to various space exhibits. Leaving now is the Hubble exhibit. Upstairs is the Flight Zone, where everyone, in turn, gets to pilot a plane in simulation. That’s where my husband docents.

We go to take photos at the Aerospace Museum to practice, especially on rainy or hot days. Here is where I learned how to shoot HDR (bracketing). And, when you go to a place often, you learn how to see the same thing differently, and present a different composition. Let’s take a look. Comments are in the captions.


Outside: I don’t remember the type of planes these are and when they were flown. If my husband were here, he would tell us. But he’s off doing astronomy.

We take flight in many ways. Another of my goals is to go up in a hot air balloon. Someday!

24 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge#144: Taking Flight

  1. Wowza Anne!!! What a terrific response and such amazing images. You really gave us a show this week. The only time I ever flew in a very small plane it was with a friend and one of his engines failed in flight. I cannot tell you how I continued to breathe when my heart stopped beating. He had to switch over to a second gas tank but for a few seconds both he and I were terrorized (OK, at least I know I was!!) On the other hand, my hot air balloon experience was amazing, I highly recommend it! Thanks for the beautiful array of flying machines, wonderful post.


    1. Thanks Tina! That was a chilling experience you had. I hope that didn’t stop you from getting in another small plane. My pilot was my great nephew who just got his license and could only fly under the cloud level. He was great though.


  2. WOW. Great, great photos. Outstanding. That banner shot is ‘nose to nose’! I love aircraft museums. The Pima Air and Space in Arizona and National Air Force, I think it’s called, in Dayton, OH are must-sees if you have a chance.


  3. Thanks John! I think we’ve been to the Pima museum. If we’re in a city and it has an air museum, we’ve seen it! My husband loves planes. But we’ve never been to Dayton, OH.


  4. What a great museum, Anne. Your photos are marvelous. I especially love your header image. Great perspective. So your husband is interested in astronomy. What an interesting hobby. I’m with you–I’d love to go up in a hot air balloon.


  5. I first read your post in the reader, but it failed to show the galleries. I had to go directly to your site to see the museum photos. Interesting bug in the reader, I guess.
    Anyway, you can take my advice and put that hot air balloon ride high on your list of things to do. My wife and I have been on two rides in New Mexico over the years, both were treats to be sure, and for me are lifelong memories. I have flown or ridden in several other categories of aircraft, and found that ballooning is a unique aviation experience.


  6. Thanks John. I’ll take your advice and try to get a ride on a hot air balloon. I’m not sure what’s happening with WordPress. Now to post a reply to one of my posts like this one, I have to sign in! To my own site! I’ve done the chat bit with them and got nowhere. What next?


  7. Amazing display, Anne! So well composed and photographed ! Good idea returning and getting new angles and doing HDR. I never tried that…A splendid museum and – we share some dreams too…hot air balloon! I once went in a small plane where the driver pumped up the wheels by hand…and when a collegue of mine flew balloon, it crashed on landing and she broke her arm. The company offered her…a new balloon ride as compensation!


    1. Thanks Ann Christine! HDR was popular when I learned it, but now it’s not used too much. It does come in handy for impossible lighting situations. I can do three frames handheld with my Nikon. I haven’t tried it with the Fuji. Did your friend go back up for that free balloon ride?


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