Let’s be honest, we’d rather not be able to see the Salmon Falls Bridge because that would mean there’s plenty of water feeding into Folsom Lake, which is at approximately 65% of its regular level right now. Located in Pilot Hill, El Dorado County, the bridge is the remainder of a flourishing gold rush area town that was founded in 1850. You can read more history by following the above link. Preceding a drought or a drought condition, the bridge is visible, so we went to see it.

The approach from the closest parking lot. And walking closer to the bridge we did find remnants of an old structure.

We needed to cross the stream to access the bridge. In this picture Marlene is getting help from Gert and his hiking stick. And leave it to visitors to use their imagination, making tee pees out of sticks.

We made it to the bridge. People were fishing, walking, etc. We weren’t the only curious folks. I waited to take these pictures.

We walked across the bridge and along the way found pelicans and cairns and other neat things.

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to see this disappearing bridge, let’s hope for a good rainy season for 2021/2022. I hope you enjoyed seeing it too.

18 thoughts on “Seeing it foretells drought: Salmon Falls Bridge, Pilot Hill

    1. This is the first season for this round of drought. No, does not bode well. We might be in full drought mode this summer. Meanwhile, Colorado and the east coast are doing well with snow and rain!

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  1. I don’t know whether to be glad or sorry that you got to see this bridge! It’s always interesting to see something unusual but in this case I can understand that you would much rather it were covered by water.

    I love your last B&W photo of the cairns – they look impressive from that low angle 🙂


  2. Anne, We lived in CA for years, I traveled around for my job, and yet I never went to Folsom. My loss! My son’s girlfriend’s parents live there and they go hiking and biking in Folsom often. Thank you for sharing this buried treasure. I am linking this post to my post today – an interview of ToonSarah. She wanted to give you a shout-out and I see why. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Marsha! I remember that when I lived in NYC, I never visited the Empire State Building. I took my son there once while we were visiting relatives. I hope next year this bridge gets buried!

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  3. These are great captures, Anne. The buried bridge hasor stories to tell. I heard from hubby (he read on the Internet) that many places in the world are (or will be) facing drought. Hope it is not true.


    1. Thanks Amy! We seem to cycle through drought. However this cycle seems to be shorter. Didn’t Australia just come out of a drought? We’ve got to appreciate what we have when we have it.


  4. Oh dear Anne, while beautiful (and beautiful captured) it’s a shame it bodes poorly for conditions. We too are in a bit of a drought although last night for the first time in weeks we had a truly drenching rainstorm. Unfortunately the ground is so dry much of the rain will have run off. Poor mother earth, it’s always something isn’t it?!


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