The season has begun. Each month (Not every month during the pandemic.), during spring and summer, Yolo Arts & Ag hosts local farms and orchards for photographers and artists to spend the morning, doing their art. While I don’t get to all of them, I’ve taken the opportunity to go to most and I haven’t been disappointed. In March we were invited to the Oliver Farm in Woodland. Marlene and I took the opportunity.

Sally Oliver has left the farm buildings as was after her husband passed away 2 years ago. The almond trees are gone and she now leases the grounds to a certified organic farm, producing radish
seeds and curly chard among other rotating row crops.

I found the old buildings a photographic delight. Here are some images taken that morning.

On the way home, we stopped to take pictures of wild mustard growing in an orchard.

The next visit is scheduled for May. Where will Yolo Arts & Ag take us?

14 thoughts on “A Yolo Arts & Ag adventure: Oliver Farms, Woodland

  1. The building, door, stairs… have stories to tell. You captured them so beautifully. I admire you observation, Anne. The tree is amazing!


  2. You got some beauties here, Anne! I think the marriage of the Arts and Ag is a great idea as it brings people from all facets of life together. Too easy to forget where our food comes from and forget the beauty and labor of farming.


  3. What a great place to be able to take photos – that arts programme sounds like an excellent idea! I love your shots of the old buildings, especially the staircase and the B&W shuttered window.


  4. What a lovely idea – I think I could spend all day there with my camera. Love the images you have taken


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