We’re getting closer to the second miracle of this season. First was Chanukah and now it’s Christmas. I love to take images of the decorated lights on houses and in yards. So Jean and I went out for my second round of taking photos of lights.

I thought this house sent the religious message of Christmas along with some fun snow men, plus a snowman zoom.

This next display starts in the front yard with a patriotic theme and ends with a “Frozen” theme on the side yard and around the corner. It was well done. Of course, I’m thinking of power and how much it costs to run the lights. But, this was an enjoyable exhibit.

Last, I’m showing you the first display we saw. It was simple and beautiful. And, yes, I had to zoom!

Have a great Christmas. Let’s hope next year let’s hope for another miracle and we’ll be back with families and friends! Stay safe everyone.

7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas: Lights

  1. I love the holiday lights! We have some great displays, too. Did you handhold or use a tripod? Iso? I need to get out soon before they disappear.


  2. Wonderful captures Anne – we have so few Christmas lights here on the island so I truly enjoyed seeing these. Typically we can see the lights in the surrounding towns but this year we stayed closer to home. Hope you had a lovely holiday and wish you a wonderful 2021


  3. Thank you Tina! Hopefully next year you’ll be able to visit other towns and view Christmas Lights. Some houses were very crowded and I did my best to dart in and out quickly. Most people wore masks. Take care and stay safe.


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