Ann Christine’s challenge propelled me back in time and brought me back to the now. As a kid, I didn’t look forward to this time of the year. Most of my friends celebrated Christmas, and my Jewish friends celebrated Chanukah. Each received wonderful gifts. My family didn’t have money for gifts, but we had a family menorah (or Chanukkiah). I remember we’d light the candles each night, but going to school and hearing the other kids talk about presents was tough.

This is why I started collecting menorahs, and gave each of my children, their spouses and grandchildren their own Chanukkiah. At our Chanukah celebrations, we’d light them all and turn off the lights. I delighted in watching the candles burn. When I see these lights, I’m reminded neither Christmas or Chanukah originated with gifts, but with love and hope.

Now we have a blended family and I get to participate in both Chanukah and Christmas. I love to go and photograph decorated homes.

Most of all, I like to zoom the lights and rotate my camera while the shutter is open.

Although we didn’t get down there this year, my favorite place is California’s Capitol building and tree. The building is beautiful in its own right, and the tree adds a wonderful holiday feeling.

My wish for you is to have a safe and wonderful holiday season! We need patience and resilience in 2021.

22 thoughts on “Lens Artist Challenge #128: And Here Comes The Holiday Season

  1. Anne, I absolutely LOVE your long line of Channukhiah candles, that is a wonderful display for the festival of lights. Somehow those of the Jewish faith seem to have done a better job of remembering the true reasons for celebration. I love that we celebrate both holidays in our home and our Christmases have become much simpler through the years – just the way I like it.Wishing you all the joys of the season and a wonderful New Year.


    1. Thanks Tina. I remember one year we had our Chanukkiah in the window and my daughter-in-law’s Christmas tree in the background. I love it when both holidays come at the same time. Simple brings back the true meaning of the holidays. Happy New Year!


  2. How nice to read all about this and the memories you have from childhood and the ones you are creating for your own family. Such things are so important as they provide riches in tough times or lonely moments, though perhaps not if it only deepens that loss. It is funny how our economic status affects us, too, and we forget the true meanings behind the holidays – holy days – in this day and age.

    That said, though Hannukah is over, I hope you had a wonderful celebration, and enjoy the upcoming Christmas & New Year!


    1. Thanks -N! We all have memories and, hopefully, have created traditions and memories for our children. Whether they follow them or not, they’re still in their memories. We did have a nice quiet Chanukah. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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      1. Thanks, Anne! This morning, with proper masking and distancing, we are loading up the sled and dropping things off and picking things up for our family since my husband has to work through the holiday.


  3. Anne, love your post, all your pictures are terrific. I especially enjoy seeing those taken with a slow shutter speed and motion, so creative. Wishing all the best to you and your family in 2021!


  4. Thank you Bert and Rusha! Zooming is fun. When we can have them again go to a fair and try it on a Ferris wheel and other rides. It’s so much fun. Happy New Year to you too and stay safe.


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