Precious moments are those times that get us through the difficult times. Remembering them fills our beings, making the dark more bright. Amy’s choice of Precious Moments couldn’t have come at a better time. We all need to come out of the dark and into the light.

My precious moments revolve around my children and grandchildren. In this post, I’m sharing images of my wonderful grandchildren. I have two sets and they are far apart in age. I was at the same elementary school for 16 years! After adopting two boys, we had a natural child, a boy of course.

My oldest John, who passed away, left us with two wonderful grandkids. Madison and Christopher. Here are their prom and graduation photos.

Christopher agreed to have his picture taken before he left for his prom. With him right after graduation are his mom, Teresa, and sister.

Madison’s prom and graduation came 2 years later.

Madison and Christopher are now grown with homes and loved ones.

The younger set belong to my son Greg and daughter-in-law Jessica. We were so excited to welcome Ryan and Olivia to our family in 2011. We had a family party in celebration of Olivia’s first birthday. Ryan was three.

Two special moments I was able to capture was at the Sacramento Zoo in 2013.

Although older now, 11 and 9 years, they still are close siblings. Here they walk the zoo hand in hand.

We were across from the flamingos when Olivia noticed the plastic birds. Just from the look on her face, I think Olivia thought they were real.

My last precious moment occurred on Valentine’s Day 2015. The kids were spending the night with us while their parents went out. We prepared a small celebration with some gifts. Ryan used all his stickers on his grandfather. I thought that it was a generous share!

These children are my precious every things. They feed my heart and soul. It’s true, you have children so you can have grandchildren!

12 thoughts on “Lens Artist Challenge #127: Precious Moments

  1. Wonderful memories Anne, I love that you shared them! Grandchildren are simply the best gift one could possibly receive. Your image of the two little ones hand in hand is SO heartwarmingly beautiful.


  2. Beautiful and precious moments, Anne. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Somehow the pingback of your post didn’t show up on my post. I’m so glad I found you through WP Reader. 🙂


    1. Thanks Amy! I never receive your posts even though I follow you. I usually have to wait until someone else posts and then use the link to find your post. This time it was even worse. I tried to follow the link to your post so I could read it before doing mine, and the message came back that something was wrong and your site was unavailable. So I still haven’t read your post! I did see it in my reader but didn’t think to try to open it from there. We have some sort of incapability problem.


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