This challenge from Tina Schell of Travels and Trifles seemed easy at first, but when I started digging through my photos, the challenge became emotional and difficult. The pandemic wove its way into our lives touching all aspects even photography. There were fewer outings, no lunches afterwards, less day trips. Picking the favorites out of a challenging year was tough.

The year 2020 started out great with one of my best sunsets taken at Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, and an eagle shot at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. I didn’t make it back to either place that year.

Before the first lockdown, we did make it to Mare Island (A former Naval installation) where I spotted the perfect natural frame for an old brick building. I do love structures.

I did win an honorable mention for this photo in the McKinley Rose Garden contest.

Our photo shoots mainly consisted of meeting at the designated place shooting masked and then going our separate ways. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial at the World Peace Rose Garden in Sacramento reached deep into my soul since my husband served in Vietnam. This piece particularly touched me. A prisoner waiting for what?

I did take two longer trips. One with husband Richard as we searched for the beautiful California poppy and one with my friend Jean as we looked for Fall color, but instead found this beautiful lake.

Out again with our small group, we searched for Fall color before it disappeared. As we were going home, we came upon this.

But my favorite is the simple love of a child for her mother. In this case the child is Glory, 6-weeks I think when this was taken, and her mother. This was taken at the Sacramento Zoo. I call it, “This is MY mommy!”

And so, we are now two days into 2021 and things are looking up. We have vaccine choices in the works and hope. Take care and stay safe!

31 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #129: Favorite Images of 2020

  1. These images are wonderful as always Anne – and it does seem you got around just a bit so good for you! But oh my, that closing image of mama and baby is too marvelous for words. I also really love the prisoner statue – I’d not seen that one before. Terrific selection


    1. Thanks Tina! The funny thing about Glory and her mom is that I didn’t realize I had it until I went through my shots. I must have been shooting Glory and didn’t realize she was leaning on mom. I absolutely love it.

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  2. Fantastic post! love the last image, it is full of tenderness.
    And looking forward to seeing you prepare us for the next challenge. 🀩


  3. It’s good to look back, good to look ahead. Your work is lovely, from the giraffe baby, to sunset, to buildings, to fields. So many things to look at. I think the giraffe is my favorite.


  4. I really enjoyed your collection of photos. The Vietnam statue is very moving. To me it looks as is he has a bowl for food or alms. The tradition in the Far East of monks taking a bowl and people giving them food comes to mind.


    1. Thank you Anne! The statue is just one part of a memorial to Vietnam vets. The entire memorial is well done and very moving. I’ve visited your blog and can’t find and LAPC posts. Do you have some on your blog. Oh, say hi to Biasini for me!

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  5. You did get a little traveling done through this bad year; that was lucky. And you got a great set of photos from the year too. I’m really intrigued by your shot of that brick building with the massive mechanical object (a crane?) in the foreground. Such a wonderful composition.


    1. Thanks I. J.! The brick building shot was done in the beginning of 2020 at Mare Island about 1 hour away. Who knew we wouldn’t be able to go back! Let’s hope by summer we’ll all be able to travel a bit.

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    1. Thanks Susan! I used to live in West San Jose. We were part of the first wave of Bay Area refugees in 2001. I still have a friend who I visit there. Maybe we can get to shoot together once this pandemic is over.


  6. What an amazing selection of pictures- clear and glorious. I’m talking of the flaming sunset and the trees during fall. The poignant expression on the prisoner waiting and the adorable giraffe were of course outstanding as well. Beautiful post. I really enjoyed your journey through 2020 a great deal.


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