This is my first Post for the Lens-Artist group. Please let me know if I’m doing it wrong!! Seriously, tell me. Patti sent out a challenge of A Quiet Moment. Photography is how I relax, whether it’s at a busy festival or a relaxing drive to who knows where.

Here are a few of my captures during quiet moments. I love going to wildlife areas. In January, my friend and I went to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, drove the route a couple of times. On the way, I got this shot of the Sutter Buttes, a small mountain range.

We ended up at Gray Lodge Wildlife Area for this amazing sunset.

In February we ventured out to capture almond blossoms in Capay Valley.

In April I went out in search of the wonderful California Poppy. I found a hillside near Jackson.

May brought me to the WPA Rock Garden. I love that place. If there’s no breeze, it’s excellent for macro work.

So, these are some of my outings that provided me with quiet moments! Thanks for allowing to post in this group.

24 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Challenge #132: A quiet moment

  1. Absolutely gorgeous images for Quiet – welcome, so glad you joined us, and we hope for more! So many beauties, and my favorite must be the sunset. The fallen tree and its reflections are just perfect. And poppies…


    1. Thank you Jo! From your blog you mentioned that you can’t make a good cup of coffee. The answer is a Kuerig. It’s a great coffee maker that gives you the same taste pod after pod!


      1. Hi Anne πŸ€—πŸ’• I have thought about a coffee maker but not found one I’m entirely happy with. The problem is more that Portuguese taste in coffee isn’t the way I like to drink it. Short, strong and very sweet I don’t mind once in a while. Thanks for your helpful comment. Have a good weekend πŸ€—πŸ’•


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