When you can’t have something, you realize how much you enjoyed it. Like when you’re on a diet! That’s when you want to eat all the fattening foods. When they shut down the zoo because of COVID 19, no one anticipated it would be so long before they could reopen. Actually no one realized the severity of this pandemic.

Our zoo is open again, but with many restrictions in place. In order to get into the zoo, you must get your ticket online. As members, Marlene and I decided to take advantage of the 2-day member trial. They asked members to do a run through on getting tickets online and coming at the appointed time. Since Marlene and I have single memberships, we had to go online separately to secure our spot. I first got a 11:30 a.m. slot; then Marlene got a 1 p.m. slot, so I went back and got a 1:30 p.m. time slot. I gave up the 11:30 a.m. ticket. Only a certain number of people were allowed in during each time slot.

Marlene entered at 1 p.m. and I called her when I got in. It worked out okay. We wore our masks (as suggested by zoo protocol) and enjoyed the lack of crowds. I was amazed that animals usually at sleep in the morning were active in the afternoon. For instance, I’ve never been able to see the red panda awake.

And the zebras were doing more than just eating. This one had an itch that needed scratching!

It was a nice cool morning with a slight wind. The flamingos were arguing and feathers were flying in the breeze.

The two black crowned cranes were showing off. They are beautiful.

And the orangutans were out. This one was where we could photograph him. Was he picking his nose??

The emus were sitting down.

And new to the zoo are alligators!

We had a fun couple of hours. That’s why I love this zoo. It’s small and easy to get through. I’m thinking that they are going to continue admitting guests to the zoo online through the life of the pandemic. Maybe they’ll come up with a way of admitting groups of a certain amount at the same time. That would make it easier for my camera group to get in!

10 thoughts on “They’re open! The Sacramento Zoo

  1. Yay! indeed! I like little zoos – I should check out the SB to see what they are up to . . . Nice shots, too. That new camera is doing you well.


  2. So nice to read that things are opening again there! How did you find the animals? I read somewhere that they were having a hard time too… As they are used to people coming to see them, the children screaming and all, they got bored during the lockdown and even depressed! Well, they don’t look sad in your photos, quite the contrary!! I love all the series, specially the orangutan, he looks very expressive in your photos!! (I like them a lot, I don’t really know how to compose photos with this kind of animals!!)


  3. I didn’t find the animals any different. Being there in the afternoon rather than our usual opening time showed a difference in the animals. The big cats were sleeping while other animals that were normally sleeping were awake. With the orangutans, you just shoot what you can get! I find that my composition is how I edit. They are so expressive.


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