We may not like our new normal, that of being under lock down, but right now it’s a necessity. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find that seeing something beautiful brings a smile to my face, hearing/seeing something funny makes me laugh and reading of a good deed fills my soul. I need all these feelings to get through the next few weeks or months.

So, I’m urging all bloggers to post beauty, funny stories or jokes or feel good adventures. Taking my own advice, I’m posting floral shots of a trip to Ironstone Vineyards in April, 2017.

9 thoughts on “Our new normal: Posting beauty

  1. Thanks for your words…..they are comforting. And you’re right….beauty helps…Elaine and I marvel as we take walks each morning ( especially our sanity right now) at all the loveliness we see.
    Stay well…Lynn


  2. It’s funny how we can become dark in what are potentially dark times. It’s not like we are living in the middle of Fortress Europe during WW2, or war torn countries in the Middle East, Asia, or Africa. We aren’t living under a dictatorship. But, we are living in the face of a potential death – the death of a loved one, ourselves, anyone. It makes me think of the 1918 flu epidemic, too. It is the unknown that is most unnerving. There is a certain level of inevitability here as we are all mortal. But, while we are alive, you are right: beauty, humor, deeds which inspire all remind us of the joy in being alive. Thanks for the lovely flowers!


  3. Beautiful shots, Anne!! Yes, we definitely need to read less about you-know-what and spend this time at home being creative and bringing cheerful images to others. These images definitively do so!
    Take care, Anne!


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