A lot has changed since my last post. There’s nothing like a pandemic to show how small our world has become. Here in the Sacramento, California area things have changed rapidly. Many businesses have closed, events were cancelled and schools announced closures through March! Oh, yes, the stores are totally out of toilet paper!

Our Federal Government did little at first, with our president saying the Coronavirus wasn’t anything to worry about. Now the action is hot and heavy. So here I am sitting for my grandkids this past week (and enjoying it) while their parents were on vacation. They their way home now. The kids will be out of school for at least 3 weeks so I expect my photography time will be curtailed. That’s okay, time to finally get started on learning Photoshop!

A few of us did take off on Tuesday to visit the Sacramento Zoo. Again! Yes, again!! First, I enjoy it, and, second, they have added a training session with the Lions. This is from the zoo’s website:

Watch animal keepers perform daily training sessions with the African lions at the mesh of their exhibit. This positive-reinforcement training is to encourage natural behaviors that allow the zookeepers to perform voluntary health checks on the lions and build trust. Please note that this is a voluntary training for the lions, and they may decide not to participate on some days.

The zoo is now closed until March 31st or longer because of the Coronavirus. I’m so glad we got there before they did. Here are pictures from the Lion Training.

Stay well everyone!

2 thoughts on “It’s a small world! The Sacramento Zoo

  1. Interesting thing that voluntary training… never heard about it!!! Very nice photos of the training!
    Take care these days, Anne!!! In Spain things are becoming a bit crazy. There’s now an emergency state declared, people can only go out of their homes to buy essential things and going to the doctor in case of emergency. Of course, schools and all kind of classes have stopped until April at least… And it is recommended not to visit older people, as they are the most vulnerable people to this coronavirus (specially, they can’t take care of their grandchildren now that schools are closed!). In Switzerland things are not much better… There’s no mandatory quarantine, but we decided to work from home and go out only when we need it. Let’s hope this ends soon!!! And I hope things don’t get this bad in California!


  2. Thanks Mercedes! The lion training is unique and fun to watch. It allows the keepers a closer look at the lions without sedating them. Plus it’s an attraction to bring people into the zoo.
    Things are about the same here as you described, but it happened so fast. We went from it’s no big deal to declaring a national emergency. Of course California was slightly ahead, but without testing kits, couldn’t do much. Trump has been exposed twice and still refuses to be tested and is still shaking hands. You can tell I don’t think much of him!
    What really bothers me is the panic here. The stores are all out of paper goods and canned foods. I guess the sales and money was too good for the stores to put a limit on quantities! Greed!
    Let’s continue to post beautiful pictures even if they are from the past.


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