Beautiful Almond trees in Capay Valley were calling to my small photo group. Every year we make that trek to capture the beautiful blossoms. We were a two-car caravan and stopped along the way for pictures. If we were a larger caravan, I’m not sure that would have worked.

Starting out in the small town of Esparto, we drove along the main road through the valley. To our dismay, some of the orchards were surrounded by chain link fencing. Unfortunately, some visitors and photographers have been going into the orchards, causing problems. We make sure to stay on the side of the road, not trespassing. We did manage to stick our lenses through the chain link. It made taking pictures difficult but not impossible. Thank heavens for telephoto lenses which allowed us to get some close ups.

When we reached Rumsey, we found yard full of treasures. Fortunately, the owner Don Hayes was there and gave us permission to take photos wherever we wanted. I think I must have been getting tired, because I missed some of the smaller items that my photo buddies shot. Well, there may be another chance!

8 thoughts on “Almond trees and more! Capay Valley, California

  1. Lovely flower shots, I’ve not done many the last year but I do like the old stove and farm tools, they look great.


    1. Thanks! Here in California, we are blessed with many different environments. From the ocean, farm land, orchards, rivers and mountains, they are all within a 3 hour radius. Sacramento is a photographer’s haven! The flowers a just beginning to bloom. How are you feeling?

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      1. I’m good thanks, been battling a Chest Infection since November but even though it’s cleared up, gunk still on my chest that won’t move but Doc just gave me new meds to clear it or I’ll continue to get infections, fine other than that. Ive not done any nature or much Landscape Photography for a while but even though I’m mainly a Street Photographer I’m itching to do some Landscape


  2. This post made me smile, Anne!! Even if it’s being a weird winter (I’m still too Spaniard, for me spring starts on March, 21st!!), it’s still cold in Switzerland… I have to wait a few more weeks before any blossom appears!! So seeing your beautiful almond blossoms in California feels like a promise of what will arrive soon in Switzerland 🙂
    I love the photos you took in the orchard. Even the sky was perfect!! I love the texture of the clouds in the first photo, looks almost like a long exposure! And the last photo from the orchard is superb. You used a telephoto, right? The composition is great, with the dust/fog, the road guiding the sight to the green mountain behind… Such a great shot!


    1. Thanks Mercedes! We got lucky with the sky and its beautiful clouds. That was dust on the road churned up by a truck. I had to wait for the truck to move out of the frame. Fortunately, there was plenty of dust to work with. Yes, telephoto to 200mm. Take care!

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