The next two days look busy, but that’s nothing new for a retired lifestyle. Ask any retiree! They’ll probably say they are busier now than before. That’s because active people need to fill their time. I’m no different. So, what better use of my free time right now than to show you the pictures from the Mare Island Museum in Vallejo as promised in yesterday’s post.

Even though I’d been to Mare Island a few times before, I never visited the museum. I guess I was too busy taking photos. But since I’ve gained experience taking photos indoors without flash and tripod, this seemed like a good time to investigate what was in this large building.

What a surprise! Not only does the museum house Mare Island’s history, it also serves as a meeting place and banquet hall. Here are some images:

Additional photos from Mare Island.

That’s it for now! Time to relax!

4 thoughts on “Doing it while there’s time! Mare Island Museum & more.

  1. Mare Island looks like a VERY interesting place to photograph! Great shots, Anne (as usual). Totally agree with you on being busier in retirement. I love it…….it’s a stress free kind of busy πŸ˜‰ Thanks for always sharing your adventures!


    1. Thanks Donna! The place is still in transition, but there’s enough old buildings left to photograph. Main problem…there’s only one bathroom on the island for public use and that’s in the museum!!


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