Nothing can make you smile like a sunflower! When you see a whole field of yellow and orange looking at you, you just get a great feeling. This year I had the opportunity of visiting Woodland twice and photographed two sunflower fields and Metzger’s Zinnia Patch.

When we visit the sunflower fields, we are careful not to disturb the plants and shoot from around the patch. As photographers, we are happy we’re allowed to take pictures. Cooperation goes a long way!

Bee colonies are kept near the fields to help polinate. I can assure you they are busy bees! Here are some “sunnies.”

We also stopped at a safflower field.

Now for the zinnias. What is special about this patch of zinnias is that the Metzger family allows people to pick the flowers and encourages them to share with others who can’t get out. You’ll see moms and their kids having fun choosing their favorites.

Do you like sunnies as much as I do?

10 thoughts on “It’s that time of the year: Sunflowers and zinnias

  1. Loved the Sunflowers……great shots too of the butterfly hovering. Elaine’s brother Ed and his wife arrive from New Hampshire this weekend…..we are running around with last minute details! Love, Lynn


  2. I plant a combination of sunflowers, Zinnias and other flowers on the border fence to our property. I noticed the first sunflower blooming last night. I invite you to check it out on my blog, Chasing the Blooms. These photos are fabulous.


  3. Nice work, Anne. My zinnias are in full bloom, and keep blooming away in their pots. My sunflowers are more short-lived, but still give delight by their presence.


  4. Gorgeous photos, Anne! Color and composition are great! You made me want to jump on the car and start looking for sunflower fields, hehehe. Although is soooo hot right now in Switzerland…. that going out to take photos under the sun seems the craziest thing to do today, hahaha


  5. Thanks Mercedes. It’s hot here too, around 105. I did crazy yesterday. My friend and I went to Napa in search of vineyards. My daughter-in-law wants pictures of hillside vineyards for their new home. None was found in Napa. We barely made it to the Ben and Jerry’s store for our ice cream!! Today is an inside day. And they say there’s no global warming!


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