Flowers, flowers and more flowers! I’ve been shooting a lot of them lately, trying out a lens. I like being able to do close ups without a macro. You might be shooting a landscape, see a nice flower, want to shoot it, but didn’t bring your macro lens. So I’ve been practicing with a lens I might keep. It’s an 18 – 200mm Nikon lens.

Being a person who has difficulty making up her mind, I’ve practiced and practiced with it. I’ve pretty much made up my mind to keep it, but….

Here are the captures at the rose garden in McKinley park in Sacramento.

Some other pictures taken at McKinley park that night.

Moving ahead about a week, here are the images captured at Green Acres Nursery in Sacramento. They encourage photographers to visit and take pictures!

So should I keep it?

4 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect: McKinley Park and Green Acres Nursery

  1. Thanks. That helps. The difficulty is that I would be selling either my 18 – 140mm or this one to a friend. Which one is my decision. I’m really attached to the 140mm, but the 200mm gives me more reach! I’m thinking I shouldn’t be thinking emotionally on this! One thing I noticed on this lens is that when I’m zoomed out, then make an adjustment of some sort, the lens moves back in internally. It doesn’t fall back that I can see. I then have to zoom back out. I need to take it out once more.


  2. Pretty and delicate photos, Anne! I love this color explosion in your post! 🙂
    I like the photos you took with this lens… They look sharp and with a nice deep of field. Is the lens very big? The focal distance seems pretty long!


  3. Thanks Mercedes. The lens isn’t very long: 18 – 200mm and made for a crop sensor. It’s light which I like. I need one more session with it to make sure there isn’t a potential problem with it and then it’s mine. I’m loving your adventures.


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