With only a few days of sunshine peaking through, we are still wet here in California. In fact, they’ve called the drought over everywhere in the State. Right now there’s a break and the sun is shining, but I don’t expect for too long.

That’s the weather update, now for my personal photo journey. I did get my framed images down to the In Focus Photography Competition; however, they didn’t place. And, when I last communicated with the contest official, she said they hadn’t sold yet. She did say that when a group of school children came through, one boy fell in love with the mantis picture. He even drew a picture of it. Too bad his parents weren’t along to buy it for him!

It was an experience that I value. Those prints will be seen again at the Sierra Camera Club print competition. And, we’re thinking of buying a printer so we can print out our own images. Richard, Bright Star Observatory, is taking some great deep space images now, and they should be seen. I’m still not sure whether I’ll start competing elsewhere. Ahead is the State Fair competition which should be fun and educational. Maybe I’ll check other County calendars too. Who knows!

Right now I’m still battling a cold that my doctor says lasts for 4 to six weeks. I’m doing much better, but still have to watch my exercise level. Too much activity and I’m tired the next day. I did get in one day of shooting in the Napa Valley to the Quixote Winery and the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art. It was the first sunny day in a long time and I needed to get out with my camera. I did pay for my adventure for 2 days afterward!

Here are some images taken on the way to the winery and at the winery. We’ll talk about the museum in my next post. I think I have to find my copy of “Here Comes The Sun” by Richie Havens and play it continually! You think that would work?

16 thoughts on “Weathering the storm: Quixote Winery

  1. Great set of photos Anne. It is funny you are getting rain and we aren’t. When you were in drought we weren’t. I wonder if that means we are going back into a drought.


    1. Thanks Leanne. I think Mother Nature is trying to tell us that if we don’t clean up our act, we’re going to suffer the concequences! We are in climate change and need to do something pro active. I hope you don’t go back into drought.

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  2. Nice series of pictures here, Anne. Get well, too. And isn’t it wonderful to see greenery and butterflies after all these dry years?

    On a different note, I see Leanne posted about the drought in Australia. I think it is part of the El Nino cycle.


  3. Thanks ~N. I think Leanne was worried that since we are now out of drought, they might go into one. Right now there’s no drought there. Just might be an El Nino cycle. But, what causes it???


  4. So happy to read that the drought in California is over!! Even if it means that the sun is not shinning everyday… I remember how shocked I was when I visited Yosemite and saw the lakes and waterfalls all dry… Such a sad view! It’ll be great to see photos from those places with lots of water and reflections! πŸ™‚
    And great photos, Anne!! So colorful!! I’ve been in Scandinavian these last days, travelling in white landscapes only… it was awesome and I loved it, but it’s also so nice to see so much color in other parts of the world!!
    I hope you get well soon from that cold! Have a fantastic weekend! πŸ™‚


  5. Thanks Mercedes. I’m still trying to get rid of the cold. So far I haven’t given it to anyone. Maybe that’s the problem, I can’t give it away. We saw the sun for a few minutes during today’s shoot, but the ground was very wet. One photographer said we needed waders!


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