It’s 4:50 a.m. and way too early to be up, but I can’t go back to sleep. Today I’m taking my photos down to Columbia in Tuolumne County for the competition. Since I blogged about two of my images making the finals, a lot has happened, and the person responsible is my photo buddy Lucille.

I was talking about my 8 x 12 prints and that I wasn’t thrilled with them after getting them home and seeing the difference in color on my monitor. I’m also thinking she wasn’t happy with the idea of me taking small prints to the competition. She invited me to her home and together we worked on producing larger prints.

When I left, a whole new world opened for me. I couldn’t believe how wonderful the pictures looked larger. I thought I couldn’t resize them and not lose any of the image. The whole new world is that of do I want to start investing in printing and selling my pictures. I thought about it and decided to wait to see what happens in Columbia. I’m not sure, even if I do well, I want to walk through that door. Do I really want all that pressure at my age? Do I want to turn this photography passion into a small business? I have lots of questions and, right now, no answers.

And, now for the cold. I’m not talking about the weather even though it has been cold and raining for weeks. I’m talking about the sneezing and coughing kind. I’ve been tired for a few days, thinking it was just jitters and being anxious. I’m anxious especially since streets in Tuolumne were flooded a couple of days ago, and I don’t drive a boat!

But, last night at a Toastmaster contest, I realized I had a cold. Just my luck! I fully intend to take my photos down. However, whether I say for the weekend events will depend on my friends Sandy and Ken accepting me with a cold. I’m due to stay with them in Tuolumne City.

Right now my mind is in a quandry and my body is working hard to get me through the weekend. Since, this is a blog about pictures, here’s a few from another rainy day outing at Emigh’s Hardware in Sacramento. When I shoot in a crowded store, I try to isolate my subject and shoot mostly close up.

9 thoughts on “Pre-competition jitters & a cold: Emigh’s Hardware, Sacramento

  1. Get well soon, Anne! Also, what a wonderful surprise about the printing of your photos. Cheap places produce cheap prints, and unless you work individually with a printer, chances are you won’t get what you want. While I don’t have a professional printer, my FIL has a high-end Epson, and the results are wonderful. If you want to print, it may be worth it. And a final thought – don’t go professional unless you want to! Best to you – N


    1. Thanks ~N. I would buy my own printer and supplies. My problem is I don’t know what I want to do. I’ll sort it out. Actually I think a professional is someone whose major income is from photography. Occasionally selling and competiting, in my way of thinking, is something inbetween. We’ll see. Got to get through this first!

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  2. Thanks Lynn. The pictures are in and now we wait. Tomorrow is the artist’s reception and they announce the winners. Then the pictures are on show for a week for the public to see them and maybe purchase them. I’ll have to come back to get them if they don’t sell. I hope Elaine is doing well. Love to you both.


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