It’s some place you’d like to visit often, but this home and popular event venue is only open to the public twice a year. Other times, you need to be at a wedding or some other event to see the beautiful gardens. I’ll admit that at the end of summer, the flowers aren’t blooming and the lavender fields are hiding, but the property is beautiful just the same.

Maple Rock Gardens is a private estate, in Newcastle, and is affiliated with High Hand Nursery in Loomis. Its 30-acres is host to one of the largest garden railroads in Northern California. There are themed gardens, like a Japanese Tea Garden, and a 4-acre farm that supplies flowers to the High Hand Nursery. We spent almost 2 hours walking from one garden into another.

Each garden was decorated with sculptures, plants, small water falls and more. The easiest way to describe it is to show you. I did take a lot of pictures, so this will be a two-part post. Oh, you’ll also notice that I am now using a logo rather than a copyright symbol. Since I’ve made a little money with my photography, doing some real estate shoots, I decided to be more professional.

So, come along with me and visit Maple Rock Gardens.

7 thoughts on “Only twice a year: Maple Rock Gardens, Newcastle

  1. Thanks Mercedes. I’m just doing small modular homes since I don’t have lighting systems, etc. These are easy and I can do the job with HDR. Thanks for answering my questions on your blog. And, after several attempts to size my photo correctly, Adobe Stock accepted one of my images for sale. You make small change selling stock images, but it’s passive income. There wasn’t a place for me to reply to your reply. Should I type that again! Take care and I’m looking forward to more of Amsterdam.

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  2. Anne —- Somehow I missed you were venturing into Real Estate photography……..I’m entering that world as well! We will have to compare notes along our journeys……. On this post, though…….. beautiful photos and captions, I felt like I was walking through it with you. πŸ™‚


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