You know, one person photographs something, then everyone is after the same thing. And, of course, I’m no different. A few photographers recently went on a tour to photograph wild horses in Nevada. Their photos were great and spurred Me, Laura and Marlene on to find a herd.

We did, just outside Reno, Nevada. The other photographers found their group near Minden, Nevada. Laura knew of a herd near Reno and had their approximate position. When we got there, civilization had encroached on their territory, but they were still there. We drove through a housing complex, found the gate, drove beyond the gate and there they were! That easy!!

I couldn’t believe how used to people these Mustangs were. One came up to me straight on. I had to tell him I didn’t have anything for them. I did see someone feed them some carrots before he left the area.

It was amazing. These horses live just outside a residential area with a small stream as their water supply. They were grazing on whatever they could find on the ground. At one point, I saw a bunch galloping down the hillside. I yelled galloping and ran to the spot. Laura turned around and got some excellent shots. Mine are not so good, just a little soft, but I’ll show you one anyway. I was having a difficult time handholding the heavy F/4 300mm lens. Next time I’ll bring a monopod like Marlene did!

I want to find more wild herds. And, maybe my post will spur other photographers on to find herds to photograph.

8 thoughts on “Wild but gentle: Searching for wild horses

  1. I love this post, Anne!!!! I used to ride on horse when I was younger and I adore these animals… So beautiful and noble!
    I didn’t know there were wild horse herds in Nevada!! And mustangs!! I think we don’t have in Europe… not even in Iceland, where the Icelandic horses roam more or less freely (those are also stunning animals!)
    The photos are gorgeous! Maybe some of them are soft, as you said, but I find them really beautiful! I’m sure that if you use a tripod and get familiar with their behavior, you’ll get even better photos next time!


  2. Thanks Mercedes. I found them amazing. Yes, next time monopod. And, behavior–I wasn’t prepared for whatever they’d do. Mostly they grazed. When I saw some galloping down the hill, I wasn’t in position, had to run over, and had trouble holding the heavy, old lens steady. I’m not sure what I could have done in preparation for that. Advice is welcome. The horse that rolled on the ground was great. Just like a dog. Take Care!


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