Growing up, I heard those words, “Never Forget,” but they were talking about the Holocaust where 8 million Jews were slaughtered. We are still remembering today as most of our survivors are dying.

Now in the United States, we have another reason to “Never Forget.” On September 11, 2001 we were attacked by terrorists using commercial airplanes as weapons. I remember listening to my radio as I drove to a networking meeting that morning; It was unreal. During the meeting, we were all stunned. Later, millions watched videos on TV as the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center came crashing down. Another plane would crash into the western side of the Pentagon. Then came the word about the brave souls of Flight 93, crashing their plane in a Pennyslvania field before it could hit another building.

On September 11, 2018, my photo buddies and I, went to the West Sacramento Memorial Flag Tribute. This is put up each year to pay tribute to the lives lost through the attacks and the first-responders who tried to find survivors. We went specifically to capture the scene during the golden hour, and it didn’t disappoint. The sun lighting up the flags made the memorial more significant. The tribute was set up beautifully.

I remember that day in 2001, and the days after, when the world mourned with the U.S. and patriotism rose. We came together as a nation. No, we will Never Forget.

6 thoughts on “Never forget: 9/11 Flag Tribute, West Sacramento

  1. Beautiful photos, Anne! You’re right, the golden hour and the flags were the perfect combination. I love the first photo, with the sun shining behind the flag. It’s so good!

    I find so moving how the american people joined together after the 9/11, and how they keep together after the years, no matter their political views or nothing… I admire your country for that!!! And I wish it would be the same in Spain after our 3/11… I hope this feeling never disappears in the US.


  2. Thanks Mercedes. A crisis will bring the Americans together, especially if it’s on our soil. The tributes of the day will also bring us together. I just wish that we could keep that spirit alive all the time. However, politics is politics. Taking three months to drive across the US helped me understand how different each State is. I guess it the same in family units. Sometimes it takes a wedding or funeral to gather everyone together.


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