For the past year, or more, I’ve used my F4/300 lens when going to the Sacramento Zoo. While it’s great for getting through cages and shooting the big cats, etc. up close, I’d have to stand a block away to get a whole giraffe in the shot. So, when Marlene, Linda and I went to the zoo recently, I decided to use my 18 – 140 mm lens. No close ups for me that day!

It was a great experience. I concentrated on the ducks, ducklings, and othe small animals that were not caged (just behind enclosures). It was a totally different zoo experience. My gear was lighter to carry, and I didn’t get as tired.

I’m not giving up on that great heavy F4/300 lens. It does a wonderful job at getting through the cages and showing the detail on the animals. Maybe when I get back to the gym, I’ll have the upper body strength to carry two cameras.

I hope you enjoy this zoo experience!

Somehow I got this Jaguar. I’ve had a difficult time getting him with the long lens! Opportunity and timing!

6 thoughts on “Zoo at 140 mm: The Sacramento Zoo

  1. Ahhh. The struggle is real…..I tend to keep my 200 – 400mm on my camera all of the time at home just so I don’t miss those close up bird/critter shots! But, then there are those times when I miss a perfect shot just because I was couldn’t back up far enough!!! Glad you ventured out without yours………beautiful shots as always 🙂


    1. Thanks Donna. Wow, that’s a big lens to walk around with! I’m hoping to be able to carry 2 cameras again. That’s why I bought a 2 camera sling. Take care. I’m looking forward to your next post.


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