If it weren’t for a friend’s gentle push, I would have gone back to the car and swapped out my macro lens for my walk around lens. I’m so glad she persuaded me to use the macro. It’s a great lens: 105 mm, 2.8, Sigma; and I hardly use it because there’s always a slight breeze.

Karen taught me to increase my ISO so I could shoot at a faster shutter speed, and I got amazing results. I’ll be using that lens more because I do love macro photography. Although the WPA Rock Garden is a small area, we were shooting for about 2 hours!

This was my last time out shooting because we needed to prepare for our trip to Glacier National Park. Right now I’m exhausted. We packed the trailer today, except for refrigerated food in triple digits. I did try to do a lot during the morning. This is our first vacation since our 2013 cross country trip. We’re also going to be in Idaho for the solar eclipse, and in a great vantage spot. We’ll be attaching my D3100 to a small telescope, so wish me luck. I have a couple of days to practice. Richard will be using his sun scope to capture images.

After that, we’ll head into Oregon to visit my older granddaughter. I’m so looking forward to this trip. And, yes, I’m bringing my macro lens with me.

Images from the WPA Rock Garden.


4 thoughts on “Macro time: WPA Rock Garden, William Land Park, Sacramento

  1. Thanks Donna. Hopefully I’ll get some decent eclipse photos. I’m just not sure about shooting through a telescope. I’m sure Richard will get some good shots with his set up.


  2. I love the macro lens as well Anne, it is a wonderful lens and I often do that, go somewhere with just the macro on. It is a great challenge. The increasing the ISO is a good point and I do the same, I also take several shots at once, about 4 in small bursts to help me get a better image.
    The eclipse isn’t happening here, those things never seem to happen much in the southern hemisphere, I wish you good luck, and I’m sure you will get some great images of it. Have a happy and safe trip.


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