Our trailer is smaller, our trip is going to take less time, but we’re still excited about our first long trip since our cross country trip in 2013. This is the fourth day of driving the highways through California, Nevada, Oregon and Idaho. While Richard is getting the truck lubed, I thought I’d write this blog.

Our first night was in Sparks, Nevada. We decided to take our time, Richard needs his naps so 300 miles a day would be enough. They did build a nice, small marina right near our RV park, and we took a walk. The featured image is of this marina and so are these below.


Our trailer brakes weren’t working the next morning, so we were delayed and hit the road later in the afternoon. Desert is desolate. Some are prettier than others, but the long stretch of straight road can be daunting. Being a bored passenger, I did some drive by shots. I actually liked the shadows on the mountains.

We stayed overnight at an RV park in Winnemucca, NV and then pushed on to Boise, ID where we are currently. Thanks to Karen B. who made this trip last month, we stopped at the Rome Station in Oregon for lunch. The food was terrific and the place was photogenic.

After dinner, we went to see the Idaho State Capitol building and part of downtown Boise. They had just closed the Capitol building to visitors, but I did get to shoot the outside in the golden hour. Downtown was just the kind of place you’d like to walk. There were many upscale stores, small boutiques, banks, and parking that was free for an hour.

So, here I sit, waiting for Richard. We’ll eat lunch and then get on our way. Next stop–Kamiah, ID, and then to Columbia Falls, MT for a two-week stay visiting Glacier and surrounding area.

13 thoughts on “On the road again: Getting to Glacier National Park

  1. Great. I’ll contact you via this blog sometime in September. September is a busy month for me. Too many September birthdays and the Jewish holidays. We’ll see what we can do.


  2. Enjoyed reading this blog. I came across it because I visited Glacier National Park last year and was curious to read your travels there. What caught my attention was the stops along the way, I used to live in Reno and seeing your “stop” in Sparks, NV reminded me the beauty Nevada has to offer. Thank you for sharing your pictures and story!


    1. Thank you Nelly. I’m hoping you had clear skies while you were there. I like the format of your blog. Mine was set up as a journal of my progress in photography. At first I was overwhelmed. I’m still learning. I’m so glad you could re-visit Nevada and GNP through my blog.

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