Oh, we are the weary travelers. If we visit Glacier National Park again, we’ll be flying in and renting a vehicle! In our youth, driving almost 200 miles of twisty mountain roads would have been easy. But, now, almost 20 years more than the senior entry of 55 years, it’s more difficult. We arrived in Columbia Falls yesterday afternoon to our RV park for the next two weeks. We’re taking a lazy day today and will go into the the park tomorrow.

While on the road, I shot some more images from the truck window. I took these during our drive to Kooskia, ID. In spite of the highway, Idaho is a beautiful state. There are also 3 from the campground we stayed at. The new owners are updating it, but it’s great to be self-contained!

Yesterday, there was more of twisty Highway 95. We got an early start so our truck (a senior also) wouldn’t a difficult time pulling the trailer up the mountain. And, to my non-surprise, I was able to get some golden light drive-by shots. Once we got into Montana, the road was less twisty and the land became more flat. It took us a while to drive around the large Flat Head Lake. Smoke from fires hid the mountains. Just like California, Montana is on fire. When we checked into our RV park, the gal said they are praying for rain to put out the fires and reduce the smoke. Our hope is that when we get into the park, we have visibility.


And finally, while I’m doing this blog, Richard has been practicing with my camera and telescope as a lens, getting sun shots. The black dot, bottom left, is a sun flare. I’m hoping to get some good eclipse shots.


That’s all for now, these weary travelers are taking the rest of the day off!



7 thoughts on “We have arrived: Columbia Falls, Montana

  1. Enjoy hearing about your journey and seeing the photos. We are in Rock Springs and the whole valley has a high covering of smoke and mid 80’s temps. Almost constant breeze and we have no smoke smell, but less oxygen at 6300+ feet.


    1. Thanks Morrie. You’ve been having quite a trip too. Having 4 months is great. It’s smokey here too. We’re just going to enjoy whatever we can of Glacier–probably not coming back! Take care and get home safely.


  2. Stunning sceneŕy I look forward to journeying with you. We too are travelling in a self-contained caravan. However outback Australia has almost no greenery so we look for beauty in a new way. ☺ Happy trails. Linda


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