As the heat continues, we look for places to shoot that are open early in the morning to avoid the rising temperatures. We chose Effie Yeaw Nature Center for a recent Tuesday shoot. This is a nature preserve along the American River in Carmichael.

Typically the deer are out in the early hours. When I took my young grandkids there, we saw a full herd in the first meadow, and we found bucks on the other side. Marlene and I had the joy of walking (on a path) through a heard one time. But, this time we didn’t see a deer–not one. I wondered where do they go to hide? It’s not a large preserve. One was spotted near the pond at the entrance.

So, without our dear deer, we looked for other things to shoot. Lesson learned: there’s always something to shoot. It’s what you make of it! We walked and shot for a couple of hours and then went for an early lunch.

After lunch, we went back to the Vedanta Society’s pond to see if the Hyacinths we in the pond.  There were some but not a lot.  During lunch we talked about what other outings we could schedule with this summer being so hot. I think you’ll have to wait to see where we go next!

2 thoughts on “Oh Dear, No Deer: Effie Yeaw, Carmichael

  1. Everytime I went to a National Park in Ireland or Scotland to see wild deer or red squirrels I came home without seeing anyone… I know your pain! Hehehe! But you’re right, fortunately, there’s always something else to photograph!! Love the close ups of the lotuses.


    1. Thanks Mercedes. Photography requires patience, but unfortunately, I don’t have any! I try, I wait a few minutes and then leave. It’s like playing a slot machine. You put your coins in, play a little, nothing happens, you leave, someone else takes your spot, they win. I left the pond too soon. If I had stayed a few minutes longer, I would have seen the one deer spotted during the morning!


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