A very beautiful, local place, Copp’s Quarry, is making way for houses. Some call it progress, photographers call it sad.

One of Rocklin’s most productive 19th-century granite quarries, Copp’s provided granite for Stockton and San Francisco. Copp’s closed around 1915, but remained one of Rocklin’s most scenic quarries. It is soon to be seen no more.

On a recent Tuesday, we made our way to Copp’s Quarry and walked through it. The landscape was still beautiful. Unfortunately we couldn’t get down to the creek in many places, the small lake was covered in some sort of algae and houses lined the perimeter. But, the weather cooperated and clouds were in the sky.

We all enjoyed what was probably our one and only chance to enjoy the quarry’s beauty.

2 thoughts on “Digging it: Copp’s Quarry, Rocklin, CA

  1. Really nice set of photos, Anne!! Love the one in the heading, the colours of the sky and the clouds is lovely! And I like the combination of landscapes and small details in the same post.


  2. Thanks Mercedes. I went to your email after looking at your post on the rutting season. I’m still in awe.

    I’m sorting pictures for my annual calendar, and I noticed that I like to shoot close ups and landscapes mostly. Even when I shoot flowers, I like to get in close. This makes me think that I need to branch out.

    Take care.


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