I was seeking calm quiet before shooting a Toastmaster Division Contest which took place in Vacaville. I found a park, with a lake, that seemed to suit my need. I imagined serenity and a place to shoot. A bonus would be a nice place to sit and meditate before I went to the contest. That would be wonderful after driving an hour to reach my destination.

On any other day, Lagoon Valley Park might have fit my requirements, but that afternoon the park was busy and noisy. The local high schools must have been holding a cross-country track meet complete with runners, parents, teachers and school bands. So I didn’t get the rest I was looking for, but I was able to shoot scenery and some of the runners.

After my park visit, I went to the contest. And, found a challenge in the small crowded room. I did my best. My Toastmaster district has a photo site at http://www.district39photos.org. You can visit and see what we are up to when we’re not seeking quiet.

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