You just can’t predict what you’ll find or don’t find when you go out shooting. It was a gamble going to Grizzly Island, a wildlife area just outside of Suisun City, in the summer, but we hadn’t been there so…what the heck.

When our Camera Totin Tuesday group got there, the rangers told us of Tule Elk, river otters and the birds that inhabit the area. It’s a large area, and we were allowed to get out of our cars and walk. Many wildlife areas don’t allow this because they don’t want the birds to be frightened. Many other wildlife areas allow hunters to shoot in specific areas and photographers and bird watchers in another (away from the hunters). At Grizzly Island, bird watchers and photographers have the early summer and hunters have a time of their own.

However, after driving around and walking, we didn’t see Tule Elk, hardly any birds (the ones we saw were far away) or river otters. Oh, I lied, one of our photographers happened to catch a river otter as it jumped out of a storm drain. We also saw three otters cross the road, but couldn’t find them when we drove up to their crossing place. So no otter photos for us.

We did get images of pelicans at a distance and some nice landscape images. I guess we’ll have to go back after some rain next winter. The wildlife might be more abundant then. But, who knows, you can’t predict these things!

Enjoy the landscape, pelicans and and egret from Grizzly Island.


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