Those little buggers are called mosquitoes,  and they were biting at Rush Ranch during a recent visit. We backtracked to Rush Ranch after leaving Grizzly Island and eating lunch. It wasn’t too far, and I knew there were things to shoot.

Rush Ranch is an operating facility and is part of the Solano County Farmlands & Open Space Foundation that provides educational programs. There are hiking trails and  grasslands. And, this time, there were mosquitoes. And did they bite!

Those who entered the barn to photograph the two barn owls were ferociously attacked. I decided the shot would not be worth the pain. I didn’t venture on any of the trails either. Nevertheless, I was bitten on my left index finger which took a little more than a week for the swelling to go down!

I’ve been there before and there were no little buggers to feast on us. You can never predict what environment you’ll encounter on a shoot!

Enjoy what I did get of Rush Ranch before rushing back into the car. The old equipment is there as museum pieces. All photos were shot and processed in HDR. No captions are necessary.

2 thoughts on “Those little buggers: Rush Ranch, Suisun City, California

  1. The mosquitoes…… I suffered something similar in Scotland! The evil midges!!!! I had to cover myself with repelent everytime I wanted to go out of the car, hahaha….. And impossible to take long exposures! The midges loved the black of the camera and they covered it everytime I put it on the tripod!!!! They almost ruined my trip through the Highlands…. almost! 😛

    By the way, I really like the photos, Anne!!! Did you do HDR photos or just edit them? They look pretty nice!


    1. Thanks Mercedes. I shot 5 brackets and processed them in Photomatix. I finished editing in Lightroom. It’s very easy to over process an HDR image. Some like it that way. For me, it depends on what I’m shooting. Sometimes I like the grunge look.


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