Poppy field? Not this year! Mokelumne Hill & Jackson

Maybe we didn’t go far enough last time we went in search of a poppy field. So we drove further south on Highway 49 to Jackson. No poppy field. It was then I decided that there would be no golden orange field for me this year. Little clusters of poppies were along the road. We even went further than Jackson to Mokelumne Hill, a quaint little town that Marlene and I had been to before. No poppy field!

So here are some pictures from Mokelumne Hill.

Now on to Jackson and lunch.

Next year will be the year for me to find a poppy field! In the meantime I did have fun taking photos with my photo buddies.

A dedication to Carol Toth, RIP: Redwood Regional Park and the Cathedral of Christ the Light Church, Oakland

My dear friend Carol Toth passed away this afternoon. She was my hero because she fought death for more than 20 years and won. I remember being with her when she was diagnosed with a degenerative muscle disease. The doctor wanted to put her in a wheel chair saying she wouldn’t live very long. She refused. He offered her a walker. She refused. She did accept a cane.

After that, she developed two additional auto-immune diseases and suffered a major heart attack. Through the 20 some years, Carol never complained about her health or the constant pain she endured. As her battle waned, she accepted her fate and was grateful for the years she had lived past the initial diagnosis.

Still, sitting at my computer, the grief is difficult. I was supposed to go there to San Jose this morning, but I became sick. I wanted to say good-bye to her. I couldn’t and now I feel empty.

She filled my soul when I needed it, and encouraged me with my photography. Carol sent my blog on to her friends and I heard from them also. She built up my confidence and pushed me along as I advanced in my photographic abilities. I think she would appreciate the lady bugs and church in this post.

She is now soaring with the angels. I will miss you Carol, my dear friend.



I’ve got a plan: Petaluma, California, part 3

In my last post I was bemoaning about not moving forward with my editing education. To those who responded with support and suggestions, thank you!

Monday will be my editing day with 3 hours prioritized. I think that is a good and doable approach. I also believe that once I get into it, the hours may increase.

Here’s the last on Petaluma–the churches. I have never seen so many churches in a small area. All have that small town charm. I shot the outside of most and went into the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church and shot the inside. In fact, it’s this church that I feel I did not do well on the outside.

The featured image shows its amazing steeples, but by the time we walked the house tour and got to the church, I think I was tired and my mind was blocked. However, I think I did a better job on the inside.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to Monday and my 3 hours of editing. Wish me luck!

Again, no captions.

The battle continues and more from the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

I did spend some time with Lightroom today, but not enough to come out a clear winner! Every time I use it, I learn more. So, stick with me, and hopefully my editing will improve. I still can’t access the Lightroom presets. Maybe after I post this short blog, I’ll check through my tutorials or on YouTube.

I did find the rest of the church pictures–thank goodness for a great filing system–and I’m posting them.

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for Lightroom this weekend because I’m sitting for my young grandkids starting tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll have time and energy left in the evenings to get some time in.

Here are the rest of the images.



Lightroom vs Anne

Yes, it’s a challenge for me. Learning Lightroom that is! One problem is that I’ve been busy caregiving for my brother and sister-in-law in Southern California and came home to doing our family Passover Seder. (That’s the reason for my absence.) Today, I prioritized time for Lightroom and actually got some images edited–well sort of edited. I’m still not all the way through the tutorial.

Also it seems that my Lightroom presets are not working. I don’t know why, but maybe I can figure it out tomorrow. If anyone has a hint, please let me know, or I’ll have to visit the Adobe website!

The images I have for you today were taken on a Church photo meetup. We visited four Sacramento churches, but were allowed only in one–Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. Our leader coordinated a tour for us; however, our tour guides didn’t understand that photographers like less talking and more time for taking pictures! We had less than an hour before the next service began and time was short. All but one of the images are from this church.

I’m still having trouble loading pictures into Lightroom in an order that I want. I think I have more images loaded onto my desktop than I have on this laptop. You might see those at a later date.

During the meetup, my friend and I left the group to tour the Governor’s Mansion which is now a California State Park. Those images have yet to be edited. We then found one more church. So that’s three of the four. We were too tired to look for the last church.

And, I’m too tired tonight to continue with my Lightroom tutorial, so I’ll just post the images and relax.