My dear friend Carol Toth passed away this afternoon. She was my hero because she fought death for more than 20 years and won. I remember being with her when she was diagnosed with a degenerative muscle disease. The doctor wanted to put her in a wheel chair saying she wouldn’t live very long. She refused. He offered her a walker. She refused. She did accept a cane.

After that, she developed two additional auto-immune diseases and suffered a major heart attack. Through the 20 some years, Carol never complained about her health or the constant pain she endured. As her battle waned, she accepted her fate and was grateful for the years she had lived past the initial diagnosis.

Still, sitting at my computer, the grief is difficult. I was supposed to go there to San Jose this morning, but I became sick. I wanted to say good-bye to her. I couldn’t and now I feel empty.

She filled my soul when I needed it, and encouraged me with my photography. Carol sent my blog on to her friends and I heard from them also. She built up my confidence and pushed me along as I advanced in my photographic abilities. I think she would appreciate the lady bugs and church in this post.

She is now soaring with the angels. I will miss you Carol, my dear friend.



12 thoughts on “A dedication to Carol Toth, RIP: Redwood Regional Park and the Cathedral of Christ the Light Church, Oakland

  1. I am so sorry to hear this. Carol was always so up beat and full of life. Sending you love and hugs, I know how close you were to her.

    I hope Elise is okay, this is truly sad for all who knew and loved Carol.


  2. I’m sorry for the loss of your dear friend, Anne. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and your beautiful photography in her honor.


  3. Dear friend I am sorry that you will miss Carol. Take care in knowing that you spent time together: memories of Dream Boards, flooring and birthdays.


  4. So you started Dream Boards with Carol? And many other good memories. It’s great to see your tribute, AND to see your photos! What amazing artful architecture in that sanctuary. And the Light in there shows a lot better on the computer than in prints. I cannot think of Carol specifically, since I didn’t know her, but I can relate to how it feels to lose such a good and long-time friend. I’m sorry you got sick and couldn’t go down. How are you now? Thinking of you, and bless you for sharing, it helps us and and I hope you, too.


    1. Thanks BC. I’m on the mend. Went shooting today. Now I’ll rest! As for Carol, she and Alyse were sitting in CCU when I woke up after heart surgery. They came from San Jose just to make sure I was okay! They said hello and left. That’s the kind of friends they are.


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