Happy April Fool’s Day everyone. And thank you Donna for this tricky challenge. Tricky for me because I don’t create creative images. But I do like to play with Photoshop filters. I enjoy trying one by one to see what they would do to an image. It’s fun. Here are some examples.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I like to zoom my lens in and out and slow my shutter speed down. Yes, I’ll stop at a neighborhood carnival just to take pictures. And holiday lights are perfect subjects too.

Here are some single shots:

I’ll admit that this was a difficult challenge for me since I’m not a truly creative person. I can see an opportunity and take it while composing a picture, and I’m venturing a little bit into Photoshop. So Donna, thanks for the gentle push. Please link to Donna’s post when you reply and use the Lens-Artists tag so it will show up in the Reader.

Thanks to all of you for showing us your New Experiences last week. I enjoyed them all and learned more about plays, bees, hang gliding and more. Next week our guest host, Siobhan of Bend Branches will be leading our challenge, so look for her post.

Interested to learn more about the Lens-Artists Challenge and join us, click here for more information.

39 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #243: It’s tricky

  1. I think you nailed it. For someone who doesn’t think they are creative, these photos are off the charts, Anne. The abstracts, the color, the swirly paint? Fantastic. Photoshop brings creativity to us sometimes, doesn’t it. I am not sure what that one item is. I might guess a blueberry. Thanks for your beautiful photos.

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  2. Clearly thou doth protest too much Anne – your obviously a VERY creative person! These are terrific! P/S filters can be fun in small doses don’t you think?But the winner of this set for me is the camper in the tree – wazoo!!!

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    1. Thanks Tina! I wish I could remember how I took that. I think it was at Gibson Ranch and I might have been trying a double exposure. It would have been with my Nikon set up. Who knows? The mystery shall remain a mystery.


  3. You say you don’t create creative images Anne, but just look at those clever slow shutter speed light images! You’ve prompted me to try something like that one day πŸ˜€

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  4. Looks like you had fun with this challenge, Anne. I like how you played around with the filters. I especially liked the green one – because it’s green!


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