There’s so much to see in Luray, Virginia, beginning with Luray Caverns. I have visited many caverns and caves, but this was the largest. It was long and winding; not like others where you traversed down narrow steps to the bottom. And, of course you had to climb back up. These caverns were more or less level, walkable and well lit.

I was amazed by the colors and water features. In some cases, you could see the water dropping from the stalactites. There were audio tours available, but we just started out on our own. There was so much to experience and photograph.

Here are some of my favorite images.

The caverns were the stars of the show that also included a museum, a Garden Maze, Shenandoah Heritage Village, Toy Town Junction and a Rope Adventure Park. We did go into the Heritage Village and Toy Town since it was included with the cavern price. The other attractions were at an additional cost. You could spend some serious money there, especially if you have children.

By the time we got back to the condo, all us seniors were weary and ready for a relaxing evening. Our next stop is Staunton and Lexington, VA.

25 thoughts on “New England Trip: Luray Caverns

  1. So cool, Anne. My husband grew up in Staunton, VA and we used to go there often. Luray caverns and the Shenandoah Mountains were a yearly trip for my family when we lived in Maryland. We used to go in November when the leaves would turn yellow. Fond memories of my life in that area when I was young, my son was a child, and my husband was alive.


    1. Thank you Suzanne! There were docents along the way and the path was wide and clearly marked. All other cave tours I’ve been on have taken groups in with a docent guide. This apparently lets them handle the large amount of people they get each day.

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  2. OMG Anne – that reflection is magnificent!!! This is one place I will never see first-hand. I’m petrified of being under ground. When we were in New Zealand I was the only one who couldn’t go past 3 steps into the glow worm cave. My husband said it was awesome LOL.

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  3. Thanks Tina! This cavern wasn’t like being underground. It was relatively level and long. But I understand not wanting to do something. I’m afraid of roller coasters. I don’t like the G-force going down and the angle going up. At least you could see it through my lens.


  4. Great photos! The stalagmites and stalactites look really amazing. I heard of Luray Caverns for the first time when one of my friends visited it and he showed me some photos. Instantly became part of my lengthy dream destination list and I want to photograph stalactites and stalagmites one day.

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