You never know what will bring you to a place, but when the opportunity knocks–take it! Ray needed to get a part repaired for his hot tub and the only place he could locate that could fix it was in Santa Rosa which happens to be the location of the Charles Schultz (creator of the Peanuts comic strip) Museum.

Add the fact that he offered to buy, photo buddy, Richard and I lunch, we couldn’t refuse. The museum is part of a complex that houses a gift shop, ice rink with ice cream parlor and the museum itself.

First the gift shop. You want to buy it, they had it. I was more taken with the decorative pieces.

The next building housed the ice skating rink and ice cream shop. This is the window of the shop just outside the skating rink.

Now for the museum itself.

These are just a small amount of pictures I took. One of the docents said they change the exhibits regularly. Maybe Ray’s hot tub will break again and we will return!

16 thoughts on “For the want of a hot tub part: Charles Schultz Museum

  1. I have a collection of Peanuts books that my parents bought, the oldest being a hard cover edition of More Peanuts from 1954, priced at $1.50. Reading them was always a joy when I was little, and Charles M. Schultz’s wisdom deepens with the decades.

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  2. I never knew there was such a place as a Charles Schultz Museum but it looks great fun. When I was at university there was a fashion for displaying posters with his characters and quotes on our walls so this took me right back to those days!

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