I find that I’m getting lazy when I photograph. I used to do as Patti suggests in this week’s challenge: bend down, sit down, walk around and even lay down to get the shot. Now I find that I stop myself after I take one shot and begin to walk away. I think it’s more physical aging than being lazy.

Sometimes I don’t have to bend down to get a different perspective. Sometimes I just walk around and aim the camera up. This red sculpture is found in Roseville’s Sculpture Park. While it’s a well known landmark, Roseville has cleverly hidden it behind a shopping center. But it can be seen from the freeway. Maybe the sculpture came first and the shopping center second.

My next example is of stepping back and changing position to get a different scene from the same area. This was taken at Fort Ross Historical Park in Jenner. I’ve never seen wild Calla Lilies, but they are here. We start out with a larger view of the coast and then come in to find the wildflowers (you can barely see them).

Sometimes it’s patience that gives us a new perspective on a picture. This Orangutan at the Sacramento Zoo required patience as I waited and followed his moves.

Finally, it’s taking a shot of many and bringing it down to just one for a different perspective. These poppies were found in Sutter Creek, Amador County.

Thank you Patti for reminding me to position myself to get the “one subject three ways!” When you post on this challenge please remember to link to Patti’s post and use the Lens-Artists tag. We all enjoyed finding our special treasures as prompted by Tina last week. Ann-Christine is hosting next week’s challenge.

37 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #220: One Subject Three Ways

  1. Always a treat to visit your site. I have never seen wild calla lilies either. Awesome find. And oh…how I love that sweet orangutan. His expression is priceless, but I really loved the photo with the box. Very nice, Anne.

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  2. Oh my Anne, you’ll have us all sighing over your orangutan image. What a wonderful capture that was!! Loved the callas also, altho as you say they’re a bit far. Is it not possible to get closer? I’m sure if you could have, you would have!

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  3. Hi, Anne. What a great set for the challenge! I love your close-up of the orangutan. What a priceless expression! The poppies are gorgeous, too. I love the close up of that set. You’re right about laziness. It’s my worst enemy when it comes to getting the best shot! Have a great week.

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  4. I think you’re right Anne, we can get a little lazy with our photography and it’s helpful to be reminded from time to time to consider the impact of changing our viewpoint and/or angle. You’ve certainly demonstrated that with these shots. The variety of angles on the sculpture is particularly effective, and I love the poppies!

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  5. Nice series Anne. Maybe it’s more of trusting our first instincts a little too much thinking we got the best shot or the one we wanted with one click. That being said, I do like your first shot in each of your examples best…good first instincts 🙂

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