Each year Fremont Park in Sacramento hosts Chalk It Up where artists claim a sidewalk square and create art with chalk. Some use liquid chalk and some use regular chalk. We went on the last day of the festival. I was surprised at how many artists were still at work. It was to be another triple digit day. So when we arrived at 7:30 a.m.. there were many others trying to beat the heat.

There were many wonderful squares, but you know art, it’s what you like! I narrowed down my many likes and came up with these to show you. First look at some artists at work.

These artists are willing to stop talk and explain their art. Next there were some pictures that were 3D.

Now, the best of the rest!

It was difficult to choose which pictures to show you. Maybe next year you’ll have to do down to see them for yourself. Or, find a festival like this in or near your home town.

27 thoughts on “Beyond kids: Chalk It Up

    1. Yes they are Aletta! It’s a shame that they will be walked on and eventually gone. We do know they won’t be washed away!


  1. So many good artists! The 3-D ones always get me – such a sense of dimension can be really visually disconcerting for me. In front of the Santa Barbara Mission there is also a chalk painting festival. I remember one which was very much like Escher – a sense of depth, and I really felt afraid of falling into space. Very unnerving!

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      1. You have to be dedicated to work in the heat we have been having! And the ephemerality of their art really is rather zen. Photos of their work is definitely a way to remember their beauty.

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        1. Yes, -N. I think to put so much work into an art piece only to have it soon gone is amazing. I’m glad this festival is so well attended so the artists can see the enjoyment their work brings others.


  2. I would have struggled picking which photos to show too, Anne. All wonderful works. I have never been to a chalk street art festival and I’m now reminded that there was an annual local festival with chalk street art in Bangkok a few years ago. Hopefully they can organize it again. I hope to see some 3D chalk art with my own eyes too.

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