Memories, looking back at past trips and the fun they were. John is encouraging us to do just that, including how we got there.

When the kids were young we camped. We started with a small truck and camper, then graduated to a larger camper, then an 18′ trailer and then this 31′ 5th wheel.

This 5th wheel morphed us from camping to RVing. My most pleasant memories are of our travels in a small camper, cot set up for the baby over the dinette, the older kids out in tents, and totally enjoying a shower when one was available. RVing came when we were empty nesters. I will admit having the ability to shower whenever, having a full kitchen and not having to climb up into bed had it’s advantages. This trailer took us across the U.S. and many other places. I enjoyed the freedom RVing offered. Now we have an 18′ trailer that Richard uses for his astronomy trips.

Planes. In 1959 my mom and I traveled from NYC to LA, non-stop, on a prop ( Not sure if it was a prop jet?) plane in just 5 1/2 hours! (We were seated on the wing and as a teen, I watched the propellers.) But remember, we’ve made progress with our jet aircraft. It now takes maybe 12 hours to get across the U.S.! Sorry, just had to gripe!!

The most memorable plane trip was in 2014. It was the first plane trip for my younger set of grandkids. We were on our way to Disney World in Orlando with them and my son and daughter-in-law. It was great to experience the trip through the wonderment of their young eyes.

It was also their first trip to a Disney park. We had them by ourselves for a day. They are now 14 and 12 years old.

One type of transportation John left out of his title are ships. When I got my first camera, we took a cruise to Mexico with our friends, Sandy and Ken, on the Carnival line. Talk about a photo wonderland. That ship was so glitzy and I had so much fun.

A bonus to this cruise was spotting the Queen Mary, now a tourist attraction and hotel, docked nearby. What a great ship with an amazing history.

In less than 2 weeks, I’ll be joining my friends again for a New England Cruise. Richard has chosen to stay home, so I’ll be bunking with Sandy’s sister Peg. I can’t wait. I haven’t been away since 2014.

Thanks John for this trip down memory lane. Sometimes I think those are the best trips because we can keep reliving them over and over. When you respond to John’s post remember to link to his and use the Lens-Artists tag.

Also thanks for sharing all your favorite finds with us. It’s always fun to see other’s treasures. Next week Sofia will be presenting the challenge, so look for her post.

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32 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #215: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

  1. My family and I began our traveling lifestyle in a small pop-up camper so I know the fun that can be. Nowadays, however, I find “roughing it” to be “No refrigerator in the hotel room.” .grin.

    We have less than a week before we board a Carnival ship to head north from New York into Canada on a similar New England cruise. We are on that road now, in Ohio to NYC.

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  2. What a fun stroll down memory lane Anne! I too am amazed at the size of the campers people are comfortable driving, especially on narrow winding roads! I”ll never forget the one coming at us as we crossed the continental divide in our car. Scared me to death!!! Your grandkids are adorable – that much have been so much fun! Enjoy your “going-solo” getaway !


  3. I had fun with your trip down the memory lane. I love the glitzy interior too and felt nostalgic seeing your Animal Kingdom photos. I interned at one of the merchandise stores (in Epcot though) in 2013. Seeing your 2014 photos is close enough. I remember wearing the exact same 1st visit button because Walt Disney World was also my first Disney park visit (I don’t know if they have changed the button design now) and still have it in my room!

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