How do you narrow down your favorite finds, especially when you’ve already shared some of them? So, I’m switching things up a bit. Ann-Christine wants us to share favorite finds at museums, nature; anything that filled us with awe. My twist is to share a few from favorite outings and pictures that you may not have seen.

In Sacramento we have hot days where we look to photograph indoors. I’ve shown you some from IKEA. But it’s been a long time since we’ve visited a museum. They closed down in 2020 and have been slow to reopen. We enjoyed the Aerospace Museum in North Highlands. The old aircraft and space exhibits had a lot to offer us photographers.

Stores are another place we’d take our cameras to. The Antique Trove in Roseville was also closed during 2020. We’d take our time going through the small stalls, finding unique items. They also have an outside area that would, of course, be closed during rain storms. We could use one of those storms now. How would you like one of those cameras? It’s now a lamp. The windmill could give your yard a farm feel. And could you give a hoot?

Another museum we used to enjoy is the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento. One complication was the ropes that stopped us from touching the vehicles. My way of getting around that was to photograph close ups. While we still have horns, we’ve done away with lamp lighting. We’ve also done away with hood ornaments.

And new to me were barn quilts. I found out about The Rio Linda Elverta Quilt Trail Project, a group that put together a barn quilt route. A barn quilt is a painted wooden quilt pattern or replica of a sewn quilt. The women would meet in a garage and cut, saw and paint. They would do this for anyone who asked for their art. Along the route, we saw the quilts on houses, businesses and barns. Photo buddy Jim is standing behind the sign outside their garage.

And to finish up, I’ll show you Peggy Sue’s Diner in Barstow. Out in the California desert, in the middle of nowhere, is Peggy Sue’s. It’s worth the wait to go inside. I remember being amazed when we walked in. It was decorated with 50s and 60s movie and entertainment memorabilia. And the food is good too.

These are just some of the places we found to photograph, and I would love to go back now that they are fully open. Thank you Ann-Christine for having us concentrate on our favorites. Remember to link to her post when you respond and use the Lens-Artist tag. We’d love to see your post. And thank you all for your beautiful rays of sunshine in Amy’s Here Comes the Sun challenge. Next week John is going to have us concentrate on modes of transportation, so look for his post.

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28 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #214: Favorite Finds

  1. Hi, Anne. A great, eclectic collection. I love the details on antique cars. The hood ornament is wonderful! Peggy Sue’s looks like a lot of fun. Have a good week. I hope you get some rain.

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  2. I loved your post, Anne especially learning about barn quilts. What a lovely idea! Your experience at the Automobile Museum reminded me of being in our transport museum in Glasgow and seeing a man picking up a toddler so they could sit and play in one of the old cars. My heart sank!

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    1. Thanks Sofia! Parents need to learn the difference between a kid museum and adult venues! Regarding the barn quilts, the women showed us a cloth quilt they made for a retiring pastor of a church. The quilt was an exact replica of the barn quilt they made for the church.

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  3. Terrific idea for the response Anne, and some great finds! I loved that the camera was turned into a lamp – so clever! And it was very creative to zero in on the cars – always frustrating when barriers prevent the shot you want. Loved the colorful barn quilts which I’d not heard of before.

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    1. Thanks Tina! That lamp was clever. I should have bought it, but my house is so small and there’s no room. On one visit to the auto museum, one of my photo docents was a docent there and he got permission to remove the ropes one by one as we went through, but I couldn’t find those pictures.


  4. I know exactly what you mean about ropes in museums! They serve a purpose but they do get in the way of photography 😉 Your details get around the problem nicely. I love the look of Peggy Sue’s too – just the sort of place we’d want to stop on a road trip!

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  5. Such great finds, Anne. I’m a lover of aerospace museums and recently, I have been very inspired to visit antique shops. Antiques have always been beautiful and intriguing for me, but if allowed, I’d love to try photographing them outside museums and maybe buy one or two pieces. The store you visited seems awesome and the owl is super cool.

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