I walk Gem every day. He has two routes: one is 1 1/2 miles and the other 2 miles. This gives us the opportunity to see the neighbors’ gardens grow. These walks make me think of personal growth. When do you stop? I don’t think we ever do.

Which brings me to my photography journey and the reason I started this blog many, many years ago. This was to be my journal showing the progress of my photographic ability–which when I began was practically non-existent. I decided not to take classes because I didn’t want homework and still shy away from challenges that want you to take new photos. So, by asking questions, making mistakes, camera clubs with juried competitions, and field experience I’ve come along and progressed. And, I’m still learning!

I now find myself giving advice to new photographers and can hold my own with other seasoned photo hobbyists. I may have picked the long route to get here, but I arrived anyway.

Have you taken on something new and followed your own path to success? I’d like to hear about it.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures taken at a recent visit to Horton’s Iris Farm in Loomis. We may have been a bit to early to catch more of their beautiful irises. Horton’s is a farm where they grow and sell plants. You can buy plants at their farm or online. You can also cut your own bouquets. They also grow zinnias and sunflowers, and have a pumpkin patch in October. Enjoy!

Next week I’ll show you more about this farm. It’s more than just irises!

27 thoughts on “Growing more than just flowers: Horton’s Iris Farm, part 1

  1. How cool, Anne! I love your description of your photographic journey! I always had a great eye for composition and enjoyed painting and drawing (like my grandmother). It wasn’t until I started my blog in 2014 that I got interested in pursuing photography. I took WordPress’ Blogging and Photography 101 courses and learned a TON! I got so passionate about blogging and photography I wrote a book about the process πŸ™‚

    Your flowers are gorgeous. I’m posting “Fab Florals” for Sunday Stills this coming Sunday, so please join us with pics of these! NO blooms in our area quite yet, so I cheated and took pics of the flowers at Home Depot today LOL!

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    1. Thanks Terri! I do wish I had the talent to create a picture through drawing and painting. Photography allows me to see the opportunity and compose my pictures. I think composition is key in photography. Looking forward to your Sunday Stills post!

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  2. Your Iris photos are beautiful, Anne. I feel like I know your photography journey pretty well, given we have been following each other for several years now! πŸ˜‰ Like you, I’m pretty much self-taught with photography. Yes, I have taken a few mini courses here and there and read up on tips when needed. But I learn better when I’m hands on, like you! Here’s to life and constantly learning and growing!

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  3. Absolutely lovely photos – macro lens? They have an abstract quality to them that close-ups always have. As well, personal growth has to be an on-going process. If you stop growing, are you alive, if only philosophically? Looking forward to your next post.


    1. 😊 Thank you -N! Yes a macro lens. I love doing macro images and the dedicated lens makes it easier. As for personal growth, everyday we change just a little and take in more of the world around us.

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  4. Such glorious colours and shapes in those irises! And I enjoyed reading about your photography journey. I’ve had an interest in it since I was quite young and have always taken photos, mainly as a record of holidays and big life events. But in recent years I’ve got much more keen, probably mainly triggered by the opportunities the internet creates for sharing images (Facebook, Flickr, blogs etc.) and for learning from others, both formally and informally. I’ve never had lessons but I’ve picked things up from books, visiting photo exhibitions and from other photographers I’ve connected with online or ‘in real life’. I guess many of us have the same mix of experiences to inform the photographers we’ve become πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Sarah! I lost count of how many photo tutorials I’ve watch and how many questions I’ve asked other photographers. I’m still behind on editing skills and need to learn PS. We keep moving on.

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  5. These are beautiful, Anne! I had took photo workshops, photo trips, and learned through Youtube… I hosted a “My Photography Journey” theme a year or so ago , many shared their fun experiences.

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      1. Amy, regarding our journeys, I think we walk along different paths but get to our destinations just the same. I never took formal classes because I didn’t want the pressure of homework. Thank heavens for You Tube!

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