I don’t like to garden. However, I did inherit a small rose garden when we bought this house. I do like roses and somehow through their growing season, I get out there and trim them.

This post is short and sweet. Here are pictures of the first roses in my garden this year.

I also inherited a small iris garden which bloomed the first year we moved and nothing since–until now 4 years later. I’ve got two plants blooming. I’m wondering if the rest bloom whether I will get different colors like I saw at Horton’s Iris Garden last week.

I’ll be posting the pictures from Horton’s next week. So get ready for more beauty!

22 thoughts on “Spring is here: My first roses

  1. They are so beautiful. There are some roses growing in the botanical garden here in Florida but they don’t seem to do well. I don’t think they like the hot, humid weather. The winter months are cooler and they do bloom but not like they do in non-subtropical areas.

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    1. Thanks John! Regarding the iris blooms, I think it’s just survival. I don’t do anything for them to to them. Remember, I don’t enjoy gardening. The roses, however, seem to be heartier and grow in spite of me. Maybe that’s why they try to get me with their thorns when I dead head them! 😁

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  2. I am glad you are taking care of your roses! They really are tough. Just the pruning and dead heading, occasional fertilizer, and sweet delight is yours. You did them justice, for sure!


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