In her challenge this week, Amy wants us to think about our earth. It impacts our daily lives: the water we drink, the oceans that provide us enjoyment, the soil that brings us food, the trees the help us breathe. We rely so much on our earth.

I was raised mostly in the Bronx, New York, in a mostly concrete jungle. Yes, there were trees and parks, but I was never taught to appreciate nature. It wasn’t until I had kids that I began that appreciation. Our vacations were camping get-a-ways. We took the boys to every National Park and many State Parks–from the ocean to the mountains and even the desert. Unfortunately the pictures I took then were with a point and shoot camera, and mostly of the boys. I do have them in albums for my own joy.

Photography gave me the opportunity to not only enjoy our earth, but also record it. Let’s begin with my local Sacramento County area. We are lucky to have many creeks around the valley like our neighborhood Dry Creek.

Mather Lake is a nearby treasure for photographers and fishermen (and women). I go there to photograph swans, but on this day I found a pelican and cormorants.

We are a couple of hours away from the coast, giving us a wonderful day trip. Heading west, the Marin Headlands is a great spot for water sports, fun and photography.

North of us is Table Mountain which was formed from ancient lava (basalt) flows. It is very rocky and in Spring, it is loaded with wildflowers. It’s called Table (mountain) because of it’s mostly flat surface.

We go east every Fall to find the beautiful orange and gold color of Autumn.

I’ll end this post with nature’s way of painting her earth with golden light–a sunset. This one, taken in nearby Yolo County, is setting on a field of earth giving sunflowers.

Thank you Amy for having us remember to cherish our earth and take care of it. Would we survive without it? Please remember to link to Amy’s post and use the Lens-Artists tag.

We totally enjoyed your all your curvy responses to Patti’s challenge. Next week, get ready to celebrate because John will host LAPC #194. For his challenge, be thinking about what is special to you regarding birthdays or anniversaries.

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41 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge#192: Earth Story

  1. If you had given me 100 guesses Anne, Da Bronx would never have occurred to me as the place where you grew up! My goodness what a difference vs your California home. Your images of nature are always breathtaking and this week is no exception. You’ve definitely made up for lost time with your love of Mother Earth’s many gifts.

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  2. Love the closing sunset and the table mountain spot is gorgeous
    The Bronx does have the country jungle and I have only been through there – would love to go back and enjoy some food from delis there

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  3. I’m fascinated by how different people are interpreting this theme, and I enjoyed your focus on the ‘stories’ you can read in the landscapes you know best – lovely post!


    1. Thanks for your kind words Amy! I did link to your original post. I still don’t get notification of your posts. I really don’t like WordPress and would probably have found a different blogging application if it weren’t for Lens Artists.

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  4. Anne, I love YOUR story in addition to your Earths story. The Bronx? They do have the best zoo! Anyway, How lucky your kids were privy to you knowing you wanted to be outside exploring with them. Fond memories for all of you.

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  5. The Bronx! I would have never guessed. (I’m from Long Island.). 😃. We both should get together and have a cup of caw-fee. 😀❤️😀. You’ve really found a beautiful place to live. Your landscapes are gorgeous. Your last two images are lingering with me. The autumn colors are gorgeous and the sunset is spectacular.

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  6. Thanks Patti! The Bronx and Long Island are like two different worlds, or at least they were when I lived there. But, yes, caw-fee would be great. Let me know when you travel to California. We have a beautiful State Capitol Building.


  7. Oh my goodness, I’m a former Sacramentan, having lived there for almost 40 years. Thank you for the walk down memory lane of familiar places with your marvelous photos! We moved to Spokane, WA area in December 2020. Northern Cal has so many amazing areas and I have thousands of photos of Tahoe, Yosemite, Sacramento Delta, etc. I recognize that area of your image of Autumn along the American that along Hwy 50? Love that you utilize photologo for your watermark!


    1. Thanks Terri! I love living here and photography has given me an appreciation of the nature that surrounds the area. I’m glad you enjoyed your walk down memory land and hope you are enjoying Spokane.

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