I didn’t mean to tease, but various challenges had me show pictures from the architecture of the Manetti Shrem Museum on the campus of U.C. Davis in Davis. I promised more images in a forthcoming post. Well, here it is!

The building is amazing with its curves, lines, angles and shapes. So lets look at the outside. Notice how the shadows created by the building are art in themselves.

Next post, we’ll take a look inside!

3 thoughts on “A promised post: Manetti Shrem Museum

  1. Oh yes, this looks fantastic! I love your shots of the delicate blossoming tree in front of the hard lines of the buildings, and the almost abstract one to the right of those 🙂 Looking forward to seeing inside!

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  2. I hope you’re not disappointed Prior. I guess I should take some room shots of the interior instead of concentrating on the art. It’s just not as dynamic as the outside.


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