Let’s hope you see more birds once I get my new Fuji 100 – 400 mm lens. To do most wildlife photography, I’ve been using my Nikon D7100 and an old metal F/4 300 mm prime lens. It was almost impossible for me to hold until Ray made me a short monopod that helps hold the camera and lens steady. The other problem is the Nikon itself. It’s not very good in low light. So photographing in cloudy and overcast days was difficult.

So, I finally decided to try the Fuji lens which I hope is lighter. It’s coming tomorrow. Meanwhile, Laura and I recently went to our local wildlife area in Yolo County, just across from Old Sacramento. The Yolo Bypass is a favorite for local photographers.

I was lucky to get a series of a great egret hunting for what ended up being a cricket, beetle or some other bug.

There were also some other birds.

And then two cormorants.

Get ready and fly.

I’m not sure what bird this is but….

And here are some landscapes taken with my Fuji.

Now, I’m anxious to test out my new lens, but we will have to wait!

14 thoughts on “Oh no, birds again: Yolo Bypass Wildlife area

  1. Anne, these are such beautiful and atmospheric photos! I really like it! Almost every day I walk through our garden there is something new to see – small colorful blossoms, birds chirping, leaf buds slowly breaking open, rhubarb peeking out and bees buzzing….
    Sunny spring greetings 🌞 from the beautiful Rhine Highlands 🌸🌸…


  2. Thanks Donna! I just sent the lens back today. It was used and the barrel was tight when zooming. I went back to my prime F/4 300 lens for my Nikon and didn’t see much difference in the processed images. However, the Fuji lens was easier for me to hold still. Once I get the refund, I may buy another used one.


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