Mother nature is fickle. Wind, rain and all sorts of weather can ruin crops and cause financial distress for the growers. It can also cause disappointment for photographers. Last year a BIG wind storm blew almond blossoms off trees, rendering them bare. It was a tough year for the growers. This year, I got sick the week we were to take advantage of a Yolo Art and Ag visit to an almond orchard. We went the next week knowing we couldn’t get on the property, but thought we could photograph from the road. However the blossoms were almost gone. What a difference a week can make!

I tried photographing through the fence. This is what I saw.

But we did see a field of old, rusted equipment. Now, I do love rust and its texture, photographing close up.

Not rusted, but if you like lines and angles, power line towers rule.

Always looking for something to photograph, we found these on the way to Winters for lunch.

After lunch, we walked about the town.

Will 2023 be the year we photograph almond blossoms? I hope so. If not rust will never disappoint!

10 thoughts on “Almond blossoms and rust: Winters California

  1. I think you did a great job through the fences! Also liked you barn (or whatever kind of building behind the tree) – I bet that would be cool in B&W. And let’s hope next year will be better. The past 2 haven’t been great, and someone has ruined 2022 for a lot of the world.

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  2. Thanks -N! I was thinking about putting the barn in black and white. Maybe some day I will. I’ve been missing seeing your posts and was happy you connected. Good luck with your new sewing machine. I’m following you, so I should get notifications of your posts. Take care!


  3. A shame about the almond blossom but a photographer can always find a subject of interest if they look hard enough and you certainly did just that! I love rust images too, and you have some super ones here πŸ™‚ A nice set of images from your walk around town too.

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