This challenge is a challenge for me because I don’t typically keep photos that don’t make it into my blog posts. Maybe I’m too good of a housekeeper! But, I do have one, only because I did a post, forgetting that I hadn’t finished editing. So for Tina’s challenge this week, here is a macro image of an orchid from Green Acres Nursery.

And I did find this one of a flamingo’s rear that I don’t think made it into a Sacramento Zoo post. Let’s just call it “art!”

And here are some true odds and ends I did find in my archives. First the lumber jack from the LumberJacks restaurant and a metal chicken sculpture nearby. These were taken while out with my friend Marlene. We were looking for a metal horse sculpture. Never found it.

I must include these photos from 2020 just before the pandemic hit because I haven’t been able to get good photographs of almond blossom trees since. In 2021 we had a BIG wind storm before we were supposed to go out to photograph an orchard, and all the blossoms were blown off the trees. This year we were one week too late.

I’ll end with an iris from my garden. The plant bloomed one year in 2020 and never again!

Thanks Tina, from now on I’ll leave some Odds and Ends as I process.

Thank you all for participating in Karina’s (Murtagh’s Meadows) Special Places challenge last week. It was interesting to visit your special places. Next week Patti will host the challenge.

If you would like to participate weekly in our Lens-Artists Challenge, we have easy to follow instructions. Just click this link and join us:

32 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #189: Odds and Ends

  1. Well Anne, I KNEW you wouldn’t disappoint! Loved your odds and ends – I mean, where else would you ever post a flamingo’s butt??? And your iris is simply glorious. One never knows, this may be the year it returns!

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  2. If you hadn’t mentioned it was a flamingo’s rear I would have not known! I love your photos, as always, especially the almond blossoms. Those bring back found memories of my childhood, it’s been too many years since I last saw them.

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  3. Hi Anne

    Excellent topic week, love it!

    Flamingo’s Rear is fabulous and should be included in the pantheon of the Pink Flamingo meme! And the metal Chicken sculpture is hands-down more fun than any horse sculpture in my book. Great photos, all, including the Lumberjack.

    Apologies for  being tardy in commenting on your great post. Usually I’m more timely!

    Here’s my Lens Artists Odds and Ends topic offering.

    Beautiful Great Blue Herons… Role Reversal?


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