Years ago while taking pictures, with a small point and shoot, at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado, Richard asked me why I was squatting. I truly didn’t know photography then, but I knew that to get a better picture I needed to get down low. In her challenge this week, Tina is asking us to look at the same scene in different ways.

I’ve gone back into my archives to 2019, and found two instances where my changing distance, angle and perspective changed the image. First are the tulips at the Crystal Hermitage Gardens, Ananda Village. Just walking to face the flower while standing up changed the image. The picture on the left was lower to capture the sun and texture of the leaves.

Some more flowers. Sunflowers. Here we have a total landscape of the sunflowers. How beautiful and happy they look. Now coming in as close as we can without going into the field and changing orientation, a busy bee took the spotlight. The third image shows a little more of the bee’s habitat. And the last shows a side view of a sunflower opening.

For my last example, I chose a recent outing to the Salmon Falls Bridge, Pilot Hill, only seen during a drought and when the river bed is low. First, a full landscape view showing the river bed and bridge in the distance. Then close to the bridge. And finally a close up of the bridge itself. Each tells a story.

Thank you Tina for giving us this fun challenge!

28 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #154: One Photo, Two Ways

  1. Really enjoyed the splash of yellow and gold in the first sets of photos – and the wings are si clear they almost seem like cellophane – and imagining you just instinctively getting low to take the shot shows your calling for photography


    1. Thanks Sarah! Funny thing: I’m allergic to bees, but I feel confident in a Sunflower field because they are so busy. I’ve never gotten stung.


  2. These images are remarkable, Anne! Excellent choices for this theme. I love these sunflowers, but the bridge captures are clever!


  3. I’m in love with the side view of the sunflower. I have taken one of the back side since I love the texture and color, but this side shot is something I’d like to try. Thanks for the inspiration to do so.


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